Spec-Ops Brand Dry Cell Map Case Review

Spec-Ops Brand Dry Cell Map Case ReviewWhen you're traveling there is no better item to carry then a gps but like all electronics they will fail and when you depend on them so much you will be even more lost when they do!

Spec-Ops Brand Dry Cell Map Case ReviewThat's why I have always pushed for people to have a compass and a map and learn how to use them because a map and compass never needs batteries and will work night and day.




Spec-Ops Brand Dry Cell Map Case ReviewBut maps are not without their down sides because they are made of paper all it takes is water to wreak a map. Sure I am aware that you can buy maps that are laminated but I have priced them and they cost twice what any other map does and that mean a map that would cost you 15 bucks normally will cost you 30 to 40 bucks and when it comes to maps you don't need just one so that's why I have always bought map cases they are around 30 bucks and you can fit all your maps in them saving you a ton of money.

Spec-Ops Brand Dry Cell Map Case ReviewI have bought many over the years and recently I have been looking for a good compact map case to replace my old one I've looked at mountain equipment Co-op and all the shops I could find but the main theme I found with them all was they where heave and tended to roll up funny and were awkward to carry. Then I found my favorite one from Spec Ops Brand the spec ops map case is the best I have used or seen their light weight and very well made and they can be folded very small to fit into any pocket or pack.

Spec-Ops Brand Dry Cell Map Case ReviewThe map case its self is not water proof same as Spec ops Dry Cell cases they have a very durable ziplock like pouch made of heavy rubber there are two waterproof liners that can house all your maps and keep them very safe from water or dirt and this allows you to throw them away when they get old or wreaked and buy new one so you don't have to go out and get a whole new map case you only need to buy new inserts and this I love because the inserts are only a few bucks and this is far cheaper than paying 40 bucks out for a whole new map case.

There map case is made of durable Cordura 1000D which is the best you can get in map cases the size of the map case si 12 inches by 12 inches but will fold up to just over 4 inches by 3 inches so you can see its very compact. Now for the question everyone wants to know will the plastic tear or fall apart well I have given this one a fair go and it's still in perfect condition. I have owned map cases with this same plastic for over 15 year and never have they broken or fallen apart. The spec ops dry cell products are some of the best I have seen and the fact you can change out the water-proof bags without having to replace the whole case makes them a item that will last you a great many years of hard uses!

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