Spec-ops Brand Dry-Cell On-Board Review

Spec-ops Brand Dry-Cell On-Board ReviewSpec ops brand products have been one of my favorite outdoor products since I was turned on to them by a friend and the Dry-Cell from spec ops is one thing I think everyone will be interested in. Over the years I have

been fishing and never been one to use waders I prefer to use a old pair of sneakers and a pair of bdu's and just wade into the water but this poses a problem for all the gear you carry in your pants pockets like pens knives cell phone wallet and some of these items can't get wet I use to leave them on the side of the brook or river but sometimes you will walk away without them or you can step on them or even kick them into the water.

Spec-ops Brand Dry-Cell On-Board ReviewThat's why when I see the Dry-Cell on- board by spec ops it was like they had produced just what I was in need of. To give you some idea what I mean when you live in a area like New Brunswick Canada and it rains all the time you don't need to be in the water to get wet I have seen times when just walking thru tall grass can soak you and having a item like the dry cell for all your wallet and cell phones is a must.


Spec-ops Brand Dry-Cell On-Board ReviewSpec-ops Brand Dry-Cell On-Board ReviewThe pouch it's self is not water proof and you don't want it to be. If it was and you got a hole in it you would have to replace the whole thing but spec ops has thought this out and has made it so there's two ziplock like rubber bags in the pouch that will house all your items you need to keep them away from water and dust and these bags are Spec Ops Brand Dry-Cell On-Board are replaceable so if you should get a hole in them or rip them in some way you can just order a couple more for only a few bucks each. The pouch has an organizer in the inside as well as on the outside for them items like keys and things that need to stay safe but can get wet.

Spec-ops Brand Dry-Cell On-Board ReviewSpec-ops Brand Dry-Cell On-Board ReviewThe inside of the pouch is a tether which can be used to attach the pouch to your kit or as a key holder and can be also used ether on the inside or outside of the pouch. When you want to use it on the outside the pouch is designed with the zipper perfectly positioned so that it can hang out but you're still able to close the pouch completely which I think is nicely thought out. Also on the outside of the pouch to hand straps on the back are designed in such a way that allows you to attach it to the outside of your pack use some MOLLE clips so you can carry it inside or outside depending on your preference.

Spec-ops Brand Dry-Cell On-Board ReviewI am so happy that spec ops thought of such a great product that I feel is very needed in my assortment of gear and if your one who Spec Ops Brand Dry-Cell On-Boardtravels in dusty or wetenvironments and need certain items to stay clean and dry I would check out their Dry-cells you will find them very useful as I have!


  To check out or buy these sheaths go to www.specopsbrand.com