Pantac TAB Pack Review

Pantac TAB Pack ReviewNow here is a pack I am very excited about from Pantac the TAB pack. Now if you know anything about tactical pack you know this pack resembles another the TAD fast pack and from what I can see there is very little difference just a few things. The biggest one is the price the TAD fast pack is around $400 Canadian or more but you can pick up the Pantac

TAB pack for around $200 half the price and every bit as good in my book. I have used these Pantac bags for awhile now and I have to say they are very well made all double and triple stitched and all materials are top quality.

Pantac TAB Pack ReviewThe TAB pack is the ultimate pack for the person who can only buy one pack but they need it to do all tasks. The TAB pack can be an EDC (every day carry) or it can be equipped to be a camping or backpacking pack for long trips like a week or more. The entire outside of this pack is covered with PAL webbing so you can attach your pouches and other gear to the outside making this pack much more versatile and has retaining straps two on top two on bottom and two on each side allowing you to attach sleeping bags and mats without any third party straps.




Pantac TAB Pack ReviewNow I'm not a rich man by any stretch so when it comes to buying a pack I need it to be a do all pack and this one fits that bill to a tee. On the back part of the pack there is a pocket for your water bladder with holes that allow you to run the tubs thru and there is even a setup so that you can add other bladders on the inside of the pack if you need more water storage.





Pantac TAB Pack ReviewThe waist strap of the TAB can be taken off and used with pouches as a utility belt its easily removed by undoing two straps then just disengage the Velcro on the inside of the belt pad and it pulls right out. One of the best features about this pack I found was the shoulders straps there not made like most backpacks. These one are shaped like boomerangs which when the chest strap is lock it will pull the weight off the straps and save your shoulders from that cutting felling you get when carrying large loads. The shoulders straps are also wider than normal hiking pack straps to help to distribute the weight much better which also cuts down that cutting.



Pantac TAB Pack ReviewPantac TAB Pack ReviewNow one feature this pack has that my old Canadian military pack had was the ability to drop the pack off very fast. On the TAB pack there is a quick release on both shoulder straps and the belt. This allows you in an emergency to just unclip the three snaps and the pack drops off completely. On military packs this is used to escape your pack in case you get hung up on something or if you find yourself in water and the backpacks is fill up you can get out of it. So having a pack with this feature is worth its weight in gold especially if you're working around boats or even if you not many hikers have lost their lives to falling into rivers and being swept away by the water because they couldn't get their pack off in time. So this Is just another reason why I like Mil Spec pack. And you're not going to find features like this on them hiking packs you find at your local hiking stores!

Pantac TAB Pack ReviewOther nice little feature is every retaining strap has its own little strap that keeps them rolled up so there's no hanging down and getting caught on everything! I have had many packs and when it comes to long retaining straps they become more bother then there worth. There always getting caught but Pantac has added the perfect salutation so you can have your straps and still keep them tucked away from getting snagged and this is small but one of my favorite parts of the pack!





Pantac TAB Pack ReviewOn the back of the pack starting at the bottom there is two loops of webbing which are designed to be used for trekking polls or ice climbing axes or what I use them for is an axe. Just up from that is a panel which can be used to hold skate board, snow board or can even be flipped upside down to reveal a pouch that can hold the butt of a gun and using the retaining straps on the side you can strap your rifle or bow to the pack for easy carry. Behind this panel is another pocket which looks small but can easily carry your gloves hats and any other small items you need. Near the top of the pack there is a 4 inch wild strip of Velcro so you can attach your badges, name tapes and other must
have patches. Behind this is an organizer pocket which has an organizer in it so you can keep them small items in place and easy to get at such as pens and compasses.

Pantac TAB Pack ReviewOn each side of the pack there is a pocket which I hoped would be large enough for canteens but the openings are too small to allow for them. This is just about my only complaint about the pack the pockets are very well made and great to carry just about anything providing you can get it past the opening . Most of the packs openings tend to be a little on the small side and if they where enlarged this pack would be perfect. But even with this small down side the pack is far better and out performs any other pack I've used and because it's Milspec you know it's going to hold up in the long term unlike other packs you buy. So when it comes to packs now I totally trust PANTAC!




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