ITW NEXUS Buckles & Accessories Review

ITW NEXUS Buckles & Accessories ReviewHere are few items I received from ITW you may have not heard of the name but chances are if you have a quality military pack or backpack you may already have one of their products. ITW NEXUS is the manufacture of the quality clasps and fitting your outdoor packs and military gear have one them but they also

manufacture some other very cool items as well like the new TAC LINK, GRIMLOC, FIELD SHIELD and the WARRIOR WIPE.

ITW NEXUS Buckles & Accessories ReviewThe two I want to talk about is the TAC LINK and GRIMLOC they are carabineers that are made up of GhilliTEX which is a high strength polymer which is very strong but weights very little. Now these are not load bearing but they are still very strong and will take the place of carabineers for most people as they uses them for latching ropes and water bottles to their packs. I have always carried a carabineer or two for just theses needs but the TAC LINK is far better if you are using it for tasks such as ropes and water bottles. The TEC LINKs are ideal for latching gear to your pack and other small tasks they are resistant to solar heat so there not going to degrade in the sun and because there made from a kind of plastic they will make very little sound and come in every color you like green, tan, gray, red, orange, army green and even pink for the ladies.

ITW NEXUS Buckles & Accessories ReviewNext two are the FIELD SHIELD and WARRIOR WIPES the FIELD SHIELD is a small low profile insect towels which has both coarse and soft sides so you can get that dirt off and they can be carried in just about any pack making them ideal for survival kits and bug out bags. the next is something I have actually been looking for and that is hand sanitizer one that is small enough that I can fit a few in my medic kit without taking up all the room you can get small bottles of hand sanitizer but even the small ones take up quite a bit of space in a small medic bag. Both of these items work just like their larger counterparts but these ones are better in my opinion because there so small and compact making them ideal for our bug out bags and EDC bags.

ITW NEXUS Buckles & Accessories ReviewThese are just a few items I found that I felt would enhance or lighten them bug out bags and I feel people should check out besides saving weight in a kit is what i think is the holy grail so any time you can do it why not!



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