Pantac Pouches Review

Pantac Pouches ReviewI've been wanting to try out some of Pantac pouches for awhile now my main concern was the low price and if there pouches would be as good as others I have which lets be totally honest cost twice as much so I got in two to try out the Pantac Canteen holder and the two Mag pistol pouch.

Pantac Pouches ReviewNow I know what you're thinking "Mag pouch you don't carry a gun do you"? No but don't let that hold you back from getting one like all military pouches they can be used in many more ways than just there intended purpose. As for the Mag pouch or pistol Mag pouch this small double pouch is the perfect size to hold a folding knife and mulit-tool perfectly and the Pantac pouch even has adjustable tops that can be sized to whatever tool or knife your putting in and they can even be removed altogether if you want to use the sheath as a pocket for quick access. In the market theses days you're going to pay easy 15 to 20 bucks for a mulit-tool pouch but by picking up one of these pistol Mag pouches you can have storage for both your folder and multi tool for around that price and in my opinion there just as good and are made with 1,000 D Cordura which is very durable. On the back of this pouch its has MOLLE webbing as well as the straps so not only do you save money buying it but you save money not needing to buy MOLLE clips to attach it to you gear so you need to think about that and factor in the $3 or $4 bucks you're going to save for that too.

Pantac Pouches ReviewThe second one I tried out was a very affordable canteen pouch they can be pickup for around 15 bucks and that's not too shabby for a pouch you're just going t use to carry your canteen. Now I don't use the military canteens anymore what I use is the oasis canteen form Nelgene there great! Externally durable and well made but this is where I ran into a small snag although the Pantac pouch held the bottle very well because I was using the Nalgene one and not the Army canteen the Pantac Pouches ReviewNalgene one is a little larger in height. Although the Pantac pouch holds the canteen very well it's tight so you're not going to get a cup or any accessories in this pouch with your canteen it's just for holding the canteen and that's it but for 15 bucks and the quality your getting I would definitely recommend them there half the price of what others I have seen and as far as I am concerned there every bit as good and we all need to save money where we can!

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