St. Moritz Momentum M50 Mark II Watch Review

St. Moritz Momentum M50 Mark II Watch ReviewIf you've been reading my product reviews over the years, you'll know a major factor is the consumer's value. Many products are worth the money, some not and every once in a while there's a product that's higher quality than the cost!

St. Moritz Momentum M50 Mark II Watch ReviewThe Momentum M50 Mark II is just such a product. I've owned (and destroyed) many watches over the years, (some good, some disappointments) but the M50 is one watch that has not disappointed me in any way.



St. Moritz Momentum M50 Mark II Watch ReviewFirst, let me compare this watch to my Swiss Army GMT from Victorinox. This is a watch that cost over $600 bucks. After owning this watch for 2 weeks the so-called un-scratch-able face did in fact scratch and it's been a downhill slide from then on! Maybe I just got a bad one? I don't know but I was not happy.


St. Moritz Momentum M50 Mark II Watch ReviewThe M50 Starts at $319 bucks. It's nearly half the price of the Swiss Army and very affordable as far as good quality watches go!

The M50 is a stunning watch. It looks great and the HYPER NATURAL RUBBER is the best feeling watchband I have ever used. The rubber is more pliable and softer than plastic or nylon. Unlike stainless steel, it conforms to your wrist very well (even just out of the box).

St. Moritz Momentum M50 Mark II Watch ReviewThe M50 also has something everyone should look for in a good watch: a screw-down crown. If you're not familiar with crowns, it's simply a piece of stainless steel that screws into the casing of the watch making it water tight. Some watches only have seals and after using them for a while they will leak. Even by simply touching them while under water, they will leak. This is why it's best to go with a screw down crown like the M50 has - no matter what you do, it will not leak.

St. Moritz Momentum M50 Mark II Watch ReviewThe casing of the M50 Mark II is milled from a solid block of stainless steel ensuring that the case will not have small holes or cracks that will allow water to seep in. Keep in mind:




The M50 Mark II costs half as much as the Swiss Army
The M50 Mark II is rated 50 atmospheres (or 500 meters or 1650 feet)
- The Swiss Army is only rated to 330 feet.

St. Moritz Momentum M50 Mark II Watch ReviewNow you may not often find yourself in water that deep but it just goes to show you how much better the M50 is made over the Swiss Army that it can take that kind of pressure!



On the face of the Mark II you will find a standard dive watch bezel and no, this is not just for show as most people think. Many people buy these types of watches because they like the way they look but this feature is very useful. To use the bezel you will see indicators all the way around but at the 12 O'clock point you will see that it's different from 12 o'clock to 4 o'clock. What you would do to set the watch is when you start your dive you set the arrow so that it lines up with the minute hand and this would be your indicator where your started to dive/use your air.

St. Moritz Momentum M50 Mark II Watch ReviewThe M50 has a minute-by-minute section where it shows 20 minutes. A good diver can make a tank last an hour but for most its 20 - 30 minutes. These desalinations are designed so that you can mark when you went into the water and it will keep track up until till 20 minutes when it's time to start back up to the boat. This isn't just used for diving. You can use it for any timing task. This brings me to another point where the M50 beats out the Swiss Army!

The M50 Mark II has a bezel that only goes counter clockwise.This is important because if you should hit or turn the bezel under water this ensures that you're not going to run out of air. The worst-case scenario - you come up sooner!

The Swiss Army bezel turns both clockwise and counter clockwise making it not only a poor dive watch but dangerous as well!

The M50 was designed to be a Military/law enforcement watch and in this aspect it doesn't disappoint. It's a tank! Many members of my family have been in the Canadian Armed Forces, so I have some idea how hard these guys work and how hard they can be on gear. Can the M50 stand up to hard use? Definitely! I would have no problem recommending it to anyone looking to buy a tough watch for work!

I've done research on quality watches and one thing that struck me about the M50 is the sapphire crystal. If you know what this is, you know it's not found on cheap watches! In fact the only other brands that use a sapphire crystal are ROLEX, OMEGA and TAGHEUER. Everyone knows these brands can't be touched for under a grand!

Sapphire crystal is just that, crystal. It's used in very high-end watches because it's impossible to scratch and in my experience, when the face of your watch scratches it looks like hell and it looks cheap!

Let's talk movement. The M50 is not Swiss but Japanese movement. Which I have not used before so like all products that are new to me, I take extra time to ensure that they're good as before I say anything about it. I set the M50 over three weeks ago right down to the second and have been watching it to see if it gains or losses any time. In these three weeks that I've been keeping track, it's been flawless. It hasn't lost ONE second - which is impressive.

Another selling point: the battery life. With the Swiss Army I have to change the battery every 6 to 12 months and the battery cost me 20 bucks. On top of that, every time you replace the battery you need to replace the seals in the watch or it will leak! So all in all you end up paying out 45 to 50 bucks each time and that works out to 100 bucks a year on top of the high price of the watch!

The M50 has an unreal battery life of over 10 YEARS. This is due to its Lithium battery. You're saving 1000 bucks by not having to change the freaking batteries. That alone would convince me to buy a Momentum watch. Think about it, the money you'd save in 10 years (just changing the batteries) would buy you 3 more M50s!

I really like watches with tritium. If you're not familiar with tritium it's a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that's used in compasses, watches and other products. They cut it into small crystal like pieces that are set into products like watches to make the hands glow. Tritium can glow 7/24 for 25 years without having to charge it or place it the sun. Sounds great right? It glows a long time. But I'm not sure that I want something worn on my wrist, close to my body for long periods that glows continuously. Radioactively glows. Way too weird. Besides, I have also heard it may cause cancer so I feel its best left in your compass, in your backpack far away from your skin. The M50? They didn't use it!

If you're the kind of person who likes to support Canadian businesses (as I am) you should note that Momentum is a Canadian company. Their watches are sold all over the world but they're based in Vancouver Canada.

As you can see from my review I've owned many watches. Some I've paid 2-3X the price of the M50... If this has taught me anything, I've learned it's not the brand – it's the quality. For many watches today you're paying for the prestige of owning the name not necessarily for a quality watch.

You can go ahead and pay 3X the price for a watch, but the M50 is perfect. It gives me a very high quality watch that is nearly indestructible at a price you can afford. After all, like they say at Momentum, they're out to give you the maximum 'bang for the buck' and they deliver! With features found in very high end watches it's definitely the watch for the person who wants to keep some money in their pocket but will not skimp on quality!

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