Casio Pathfinder Watch PAW 2000 Review

Casio Pathfinder Watch PAW 2000 ReviewMany of these types of watches have so many functions and features that they use more power than your typical watch. Having a watch that runs out of power will be useless in situations where you will not have access to batteries. That's why I feel the Casio is above many other watches.

Casio Pathfinder Watch PAW 2000 ReviewThe pathfinder has something that not too many watches in this class have - the ability to charge itself with solar rays from the sun. I charged this watch up to full power in the sun within just short of an hour. I've been using the watch for almost three weeks and it has just come down off the fully charged indicator. Now, I'm aware that the watch


charges all the time, not just from sunlight but any light source it can gain power from, but what really surprised me is that it maintained its charge for so long since I've been testing and using it extensively for the last few weeks. It grabs power at every opportunity by the ring around the face of the watch that acts like a solar panel pulling power from light. Since it needs to be in the light to do so, it's best if you're wearing short sleeves or at least exposing the watch for a few minutes every once and awhile.

Casio Pathfinder Watch PAW 2000 ReviewThe Pathfinder has a power indicator that will show you Low, Med and High, so you will have some idea if your watch is getting low on power. The watch also will go into a standby mode when it's being stored or not in use so that it can save power which is pretty smart for a watch!



Casio Pathfinder Watch PAW 2000 ReviewNow for the vast list of features found in this watch. This watch is called a triple sensor watch because it has an altimeter, barometer and compass all rolled up into one watch. Compared to my Swiss army stainless steel watch, the pathfinder is not much bigger and when you factor in that its cost is less than half of the Swiss Army's and has many more cool features, the pathfinder is clearly a far better watch for the outdoors!

Casio Pathfinder Watch PAW 2000 ReviewThe barometer and altimeter work off the same pressure sensor in the side of the watch. The barometer work very well and is 100% accurate, but in order to get the 100% accurate reading you need to take the watch off. The book says to take the watch off and set it aside for 20 to 30 minutes, but I found from both tests I did outdoors in the cold and indoors that it took about 10 minutes for the reading to regulate. Why you need to take the watch off when taking these reading is because the sensor is so close to your skin it will give you faulty readings. Some have said this was a pain but since you only really take reading every once in awhile I found it's not that big a deal to latch the watch to the outside of your jacket wrist, or you can put it threw a button hole in your jacket for the 10 minutes to get the reading. If you're camping and want a reading for when you get up to know how cold it is, you can just take the watch off when you go to bed and when you wake up, click the button and you will have a true reading!

Casio Pathfinder Watch PAW 2000 ReviewThe function I enjoyed having the most was the built in compass. I compared the pathfinder to two compasses I have and one is over $200 alone so they're 100% right on when it comes to readings. I found the watch compass to be the same reading as my compasses. You do have to hold your wrist as you would a compass or the readings will be off just like with any compass but the function works very well and saves you some gear weight!

The pathfinder has so many features that it's hard to believe that Casio could fit it all into a watch. The pathfinder has all of the standard watch functions found on other Casio watches. The first one is the light. It is a standard illuminated watch - you push the button and it lights up the face of the watch with a turquoise-colored light. It also has a cool feature not found on all watches, an auto light feature that will turn on the light every time you tilt the watch towards you without having to push the button. Now it does turn on every time the watch tilts, but it's only for a second or two so it's not using that much power.

It makes for a very useful feature in case you're doing something that is time sensitive at night and can't keep pressing the button all the time. The pathfinder also has a sunrise and sun set setting that works off the city code. This sets the atomic clock settings to get these setting for every day from 2000 to 2099, so you're set for knowing the rise and set times for the next 100 years! There is also a world time mode that will allow you to set any city you want so that you can keep track of the time both at home and abroad in case you're traveling. The pathfinder has a full complement of timers, both second hourly and more, and 6 alarm modes so you're covered for all your alarm needs. This watch also keeps stored data on the readings you take with the barometer and altimeter so that you can check on them again in the future.

Now for the looks and feel of the watch, I have used this watch for nearly a month and it has been very comfortable. The rubber strap is fully adjustable so you can place the watch on your wrist or just latch it to your pack. Another thing for all its features and functions, it's not all that heavy and has been a real joy to use.

I have only one suggestion and that is to make the sensor that takes the reading wireless. If the sensor was wireless and made so you could clip it to the lapel of your coat or backpack strap this would make the watch both small and give you 100% correct readings without having to wait. All in all even having to wait for the readings is not that big of a deal for me. I really like this watch and it's been a lot of fun to use, all functions worked great aside from the one I mentioned but that was really nothing, and I would definitely recommend this watch. It's small and gives you way more than any other watch I have used!

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