Mainstay Meals Review

Mainstay Meals ReviewOver the last week had a chance to test out these products and I found them not to be bad at all. When I first got them I will admit I was thinking they wouldn't be all that great in taste but I was wrong. The texture is similar to a fudge bar and sugar cubes. The taste however is very similar to a piece of lemon pound cake which I don't mind at all.

Mainstay Meals ReviewOne thing a person needs to keep in mind is these food rations are made to last for 5 years and up. You could probably eat these every day if you wanted,Mainstay Meals but they are designed to be emergency meals. As emergency meal there great for storing incase something happens. One bar can last you for three meals which factors out to breakfast lunch and dinner. This 1200 will give you 400 calories for each meal.

Mainstay Meals ReviewThe meals come in 3 sizes 1200, 2400 and the 3600 the 1200 is for 1 day of three meals and the other are for 2 and 3 days. The meals are compact and small and make a great supplement for a meal when you are out and you don't have time to stop and cook a meal. You can just take out a piece which they are already cut into meal size pieces so you don't have to do anything but eat. These meals would make a great survival food to put in your backpack. Because of the size you can easily have 2 or 3 days meals in a small butt pack making it great to carry and they don't take all your pack room up for food.



Mainstay Meals ReviewMainstay Meals ReviewDuring disasters or any thing were there is no time to eat like on the go and traveling they are ideal. The packaging is very strong and will not rip open easily so there is no worry that you would rip the meals open by accident. The mainstay meals are waterproof so water or floods are not problem for them and they will stay dry till you need them. I recommend that you keep your meals in a Tupperware container like I do.


Mainstay Meals ReviewUses for these meals are vast because of the small size they would be great for your boat, car, or home. They take up very little space a case will take up about a foot by a foot and a half and a case will last up to a month of eating. So the bottom line is they make great emergency meals.

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