Soldier Fuel Bars Review

Soldier Fuel Bars ReviewI recently had the chance to test out some soldier fuel bars form meal kit supply Canada these bars where made like the popular HOOAH! Bars used by the US army as a meal supplement well they are a power

bar but I like to think of them as a meal supplement because they pack 270 calories giving you nearly a full meal worth of calories and nutrition in a very small package and I like to think that these are better for you then a MARS bar and they both have the same calorie content so I think these are better because there much more filling then a little chocolate bar.

Soldier Fuel Bars ReviewWhat I think sets these bars apart form all others is they have a three year shelf life so they can be stored as survival food or as snacks along with your MRE's. Most power bars have shelf life of 4 to 12 months so as you can see these bars beat out every other at well over three times as long!

Soldier Fuel Bars These bars come in two kinds one is peanut butter and the other is chocolate now I am not a big fan of peanut butter but I was surprised how good they really are. The tastes of these bars is similar to a cross between a tootsee roll and a peanut oatmeal bar and have the same size and shape of standard power bars making them very compact and light weight to carry.

Bottom line is I like these bars they taste better than some I have had and the shelf life make them the top survival bar I have seen and if you're looking for a snack to store with your survival food and meals these bars are your best bet!

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