Clif Bar Review

Clif Bar ReviewI've wanted to get around to doing a review of what I think is one of the best tasting power or nutrition bars on the market and that's the Clif Bar. I have been eating the Clif Bars since 2001 and never found a health food type bar that was anywhere near as good.

Over the years I've eaten Clif bars and have had almost every kind but my favorite was the wild berry I believe it was called but they canceled it which was a big blow to me

Clif Bar ReviewClif Bars have been a staple on hiking and biking trips when I wanted to carry something yummy but didn't want a lot of weight the Clif Bar works perfectly because it has all the calories and nutrition of a meal but in a very small package. I tend to eat them as snacks or mostly meal replacements because they are high in calories each bar has around 250 calories which is about the same as a chocolate bar but the Clif Bars have 70% organic ingredients and are by far better for you.

When I first started using the bars the thing that caught me off guard was that even thought the bar was small about the size of the palm of my hand it packed a big punch I have eat them for lunch on biking trips and sometimes I would only eat half which was surprising to me that it filled you up so fast.

Now the main thing people ask me is do they taste good well I have never seen one that didn't and I have gotten many people to try these and everyone I know who has eaten them loved them. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have an energy bar that taste good there is a lot of bars out there but there's very few you really want to eat like the Clif Bar!

The Clif bars taste like freshly made oatmeal cookies with nuts or raisins so you can see why there so good if you like raisin and fruit like I do you will love them as well!

The only down side to the Clif bar I have ever found is it's not a survival food the shelf life is about 3 months I think this is because of the organic ingredients so you can't store them for long periods but I'm going to try and freeze a few to see if you can freeze them to be eaten later and I will update this review after about 6 months to see if they taste as good as they do fresh!

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