Cyalume Chemical Lights Review

Cyalume Chemical Lights ReviewChemical light have been around for many years and I have used them for over 10 years and we have use just about every kind. We received some light from a company who specializes in chemical lights for marking, signaling and safety.

Cyalume Chemical Lights ReviewThese chemical lights form Cyalume Light Technology are some of the best and most innovative chemical light products we have used. Not only do they make them but they are producing some of the best new designs. The first one we are going to talk about is there great pack of Ten 10' 2 hour Road lights this kit is made to be a alterative to road flares and are great for people like me who don't like the idea of using a burning flare around a car accident they give you all the same marking ability but without the danger of using a open flame around a place where there may be gas fumes or leaking automotive fluids which could catch fire these are truly great product.

Cyalume Chemical Lights ReviewChemical lights are far safer as they have no heat source or anything that is dangerous. This kit comes complete with wire stands for each chemical light just crack the lights then put them all around your vehicle.

Other very cool products they make are signaling chemical sticks we tested three kinds two called S.O.S one is a green 8 hour model and the other is 5 minutes orange model. They both come with a shroud to keep them from triggering when not in use or packed away and a large string so you can hold shroud in one hand well swing the light in the air in a circle to signal. This is a technique I have shown people for years to use a piece of paracord with a chemical light on the end when this setup is spun over the head it makes a circle of light in the dark that can be seen for miles but never have I seen a great self contained model like this with everything attached so you're ready to go at a moment's notice.

This is a must have for the backpacker or camper and one of the items I like to carry for two reasons one they can do the signaling but they can also be used as a normal chemical light and with the protected shroud there is no fear that you will accidently trigger it and waist your stick! I carry two one green 8 hour and one orange 5 minute. The 5 minute one is for intense short burn and the 8 hour for when the task calls for a longer burning light. The final signaling product we tried out was there new SOLAS PML 8 hour. This light is designed to be used on a life jacket and has two light sources one is a electronic very bright white blinking light and the other is a 8 hour chemical light .

The electronic light is triggered as soon as you hit the water and can also be turned on and off to extend life which is one outstanding product. If you have ever been in a boat you know it doesn't take much for you to lose your balance and fall in. And should you hit your head and become unconscious this light will trigger for you so people can see where you are a very cost effective solution for everyone that would most definitely save your life!

Cyalume Light Technology also makes the common six inch to 15 inch models in many burn types from 5 minutes to 12 hours and many other lights for just about any application. The chemical light we tested and used were outstanding in both quality of materials and we would high recommend that people pick up a pack of these light they are a must for both marking in the dark and for safety!

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