Vickers Combat Gloves Review

Vickers Combat Gloves ReviewI received a pair of Vickers combat gloves recently and have been using them for a while now, ever since I first put the gloves on I've been impressed with them. Vickers is producing gloves like no other glove on the market, they are making high quality tactical gloves

that are unlike others of their kind. These gloves have one key feature that you will not find with another tactical gloves and that's the fact that they come in half sizes, they called the half size cadet at which from what I gather is shorter fingers. This may not be a big deal to everyone but for people who are like me and have short fingers and large hands buy gloves can be next to impossible unless you have them tailored to fit.

Vickers Combat Gloves ReviewThese gloves that Vickers has developed in my book are exceptional in every way from fit to function. The glove was designed from high grade fabric 80% flame retardant rayon and 20% Nomex and kidskin leather for softness and resentence to wear. For those who don't know what kidskin is its one of the finest leathers money can buy usually found in very high end dress gloves. The leather in these gloves is very soft and conforms to the hand extremely well. On the back of the glove there is padding for all your knuckles and the tips of fingers. The index finger is sewn in a way that allows you to remove the tip of the finger without having the rest of the gloves become unraveled this is ideal for people who like to have the finger removed for better feel for the trigger.

Vickers Combat Gloves ReviewAnother thing you will notice with cheaper gloves is that there is a lot of bunching in the palm of the hand when a fist is made but not with these gloves the palm is exceptionally well designed and when holding tools knives or any other equipment there is absolutely no bunch making the glove feel very comfortable.


Vickers Combat Gloves ReviewAnother nice feature about the gloves is two Velcro closures one on the wrist and one on the back of the hand and as most people know who use gloves one of the baggiest parts of a glove is the back of the hand. Once you've put the glove on and made all your adjustments you will find that the glove fits like a second skin this is vital in cases where you need to have maximum amount of feel for either tools or equipment.

Vickers Combat Gloves ReviewThe materials of the gloves are exceptional. Both materials and craftsmanship of these gloves is high grade and very well put together. I've used a lot of gloves over the years and I have not had a pair that performed and felt as good as these do. If you're the kind of person who needs a pair of gloves that fit perfectly and are looking for high quality then Vickers is definitely a brand you should check out I am so impressed with these gloves in fact that if I was to give them a number rating it would have to be 9.9 out of10 the detail that has goes into making the Vickers Combat Gloves Reviewgloves and the materials that are used are all top of the line and no detail has been overlooked.





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