BlackHawk Flight Gloves Nomex & Kevlar Review

BlackHawk Flight Gloves Nomex & Kevlar ReviewThese aviator glove offerings from BLACKHAWK are the ultimate in fire-resistant work gloves. They are available in two models that are very similar in design. A Nomex model features a longer cuff and is offered in three colors: green (reviewed here), tan and black.

A Kevlar model offers the benefit of being cut-resistant and is available in black only.

BlackHawk Flight Gloves Nomex & Kevlar ReviewYou've probably seen these gloves as most law enforcement and military units uses them for good reason. If you've ever used full black leather gloves in the woods around the summer, you know all about what I'm talking about, they will cook you! Leather gloves have very little ability to wick or get rid of water so they tend to become soggy and wet after a little use, making them both useless and dangerous when working in hot weather.

BlackHawk Flight Gloves Nomex & Kevlar ReviewThis is where these aviator gloves come in; they have full leather palms that give you the dexterity of leather, which will hold up far longer than just cloth. But the backs and sides of the gloves are made from a stretch material that is both durable and allows for excellent water and sweat wicking so this makes them a far better choice than just leather.


BlackHawk Flight Gloves Nomex & Kevlar ReviewAs mentioned, the black version you see in the photos with the shorter cuff also has KEVLAR. KELVAR is a material that used in bulletproof vests. Now this doesn't make the gloves bullet-proof. The KEVLAR material is highly cut resistant and in fact when put into pants that are used when working with chainsaws, the Kevlar strands are so strong that they will gum up the saw and stop it all together before it cuts you. The KEVLAR version is the best choice if you find yourself working around any tools or (like me) knives, where you could slip and cut your hand. They are not made so that if you drive a knife into your hand it's protected! They are designed to protect against accidental slashes or cuts that you would get if you're attacked by someone with a knife or when working with tools.

BlackHawk Flight Gloves Nomex & Kevlar ReviewI can't tell you how many times I've cut and slashed my hands working around metal and gear, where having a pair of these Blackhawk gloves could have saved me from a whole lot of healing and inconvenience!

These gloves are doubled stitched at strategic points with a thread that is melt resistant, so if the gloves are around fire nothing is going to melt including the thread. This brings me to the next point - many people may ask, why do you need military gloves? Over the years I learned that when you're out in the woods or around 4x4, buggies and fires it's best to have a glove that not only protects you from cuts but will protect from flash fires and burns (this happens more than you'd think around old 4x4s).

The palms of the Kevlar version are not cut resistant; they are the same great leather as the Nomex version and because they are fine leather you get great dexterity. The leather in the palms of these gloves are made of EXOL which is a very high quality leather made for performance gloves.

For me the right sizing is hard to find because I tend to take a stretched out small. A little trick my father taught me is to soak the gloves and wear them till they dry, this will form the gloves to your hands and make them just like a second skin as I have done with these and the fit is great.

I've been using these gloves as general work gloves and for me there is nothing better! They provide great breathability and give you the same grip you would find with a full leather glove, so I feel they're the best of both worlds! The version depends on you and what you're doing. You may want the longer cuff and just NOMEX (Green gloves) or maybe the shorter (Black Gloves) with KEVLAR, but both gloves are ideal for work gloves to add to your Bug Out Bag or Go Bag. I very much recommend you check them out before you use regular leather gloves!

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