Inka Titanium Pen Review

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Inka Titanium Pen ReviewThe Inka pen is a new product form Niteize and it's a space pen in more ways than one. The Inka pen is a full size space pen that can write underwater, in zero G and even up-side down. Why is it so important to have a pen like this? Well you never

know when you're going to need a pen and in high altitudes and extreme temperatures even the best pens can be rendered useless so having one that is not impaired by these things is very useful, The Inka is also a very compact pen that can be carried anywhere at any time

Inka Titanium Pen Reviewwithout becoming a pain because of its size or weight. It can also be assembled into a full size pen for use fast and easy and when the pen is taken out of its Titanium housing and plugged into its self you than have a full size pen like any other.



Inka Titanium Pen ReviewWhat sets this pen apart for me is not only that it can be attached to anything from packs to something as simple as your key ring it has rubber O-rings and this means if it should leak like all pens do from time to time your covered and it will not leak outside of the casing keeping your pocket free of them hard to get out ink stains. The pen unscrews from the key ring so that you don't have to remove the ring every time you want to use it and any other way would be very time consuming. To open the pen all you do is unscrew the cap that is attached

Inka Titanium Pen Reviewto the ring and than by taking out the cap on the other end and spinning it around the pen is then screwed into the part where the key ring was and then the cap is places back on to the other end and your down and I know it sounds harder than it is but it's no harder than taking the cap off any normal pen.



Inka Titanium Pen ReviewThe pens performance is great light weight and doesn't weigh down your hand when you're writing as I found out over the weekend filling out charismas cards and its grip is just right allowing you to write for long periods without any problem or discomfort you get with some pens like this. Another thing you notice right away is that the pen is very stable there's no rattling or noise unlike other pens I have used that sound more like a baby rattle then a pen.

Inka Titanium Pen ReviewThis pen also has an added bonus for anyone who uses a PDA or tablet and that is a built in stylus giving you two pens in one small compact size.




Inka Titanium Pen ReviewThe Inka pen comes in two models one is stainless steel and the other is the far lighter and every bit as strong Titanium. Now Titanium is more money but as I have learned over the years you always think to yourself "Oh it's only small and doesn't weight that much" but when you add it to all the other items in your bag that you said that about the weight does add up. The weight of the Titanium model is very light as light as plastic but you're getting the strength of steel so it's not going to weigh you down and its going to hold up much better over plastic with the Titanium.

Honestly either the Stainless steel or Titanium models are great but I have found if you want to go ultra light and you want high quality than I would go with the Titanium it weights about the same as a cheap BIC pen but it will work anywhere at any time, never fails and In a ultra light kit it would be indispensable!

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