Rite In The Rain 980T- Kit Review

Rite In The Rain 980T- Kit ReviewRite in the rain is a company that makes many products that are use by army and outdoor people all over the world. People who work and spend lots of time in the outdoors need products that will perform anywhere at any time whether it's raining or not. The 980-KIT

and the 980T-KIT are two products I have been using for awhile now and I have found them to be a great solution when working outdoors. If you need to write in bad weather and you need your notes to be legible when you get home these kits are a must. The kits consist of a mil spec Cordura cover a space pen and a rite in the rain book.

Rite In The Rain 980T- Kit ReviewRite In The Rain 980T- Kit ReviewThe covers are great with slots for your pens and markers as well as slots for items like protractors and rulers. The main feature I like is that they protect the book from dirt and water even though the book can withstand all you can throw at it the cover helps to keep all your writing materials in one place.

Rite In The Rain 980T- Kit ReviewRite In The Rain 980T- Kit ReviewNow let's get into the book this is not just a book or note pad these books are waterproof and very resilient to hard use. Other features are a large abundance of info on the inside of the book like a straight edge on the inside of the cover with ruler markings so you can use it to measure items along with a full measurement conversion chart. This chart will help you covert all them millimeters into inches and for many people this is a great help! The inside of the book on the back is covered with tons of tactical info and reference diagrams which for most people will be of no use but you never know.

Rite In The Rain 980T- Kit ReviewAll the pages in these books are setup so you can use them to sketch maps or can be use to write notes depending on what application you need.




Rite In The Rain 980T- Kit ReviewAll I can say is I really like them and I truly think if you're traveling or spending anytime in the woods you should pick one up. Even if you just use it to jot down directions or info you will find them very useful and the fact that you can put your info down and have the peace of mind that if your pack goes into the drink you can rest assured that your notes are safe!


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