Timberline Tactical Pen Review

Timberline Tactical Pen ReviewSpace pens have become very popular in the outdoor community because of the fact that you can use them to write down just about anything anywhere at any time. Having a pen

Timberline Tactical Pen Reviewis great but having a pen like this is outstanding! this pen from timberline tactical is one of the coolest pens I have ever seen what sets this space pen apart from others is the fact that it's not just a pen it is also a self-defense tool.


Timberline Tactical Pen ReviewAs of pen it's as good as it gets not going to find a better space this but having the option of self-defense tool all rolled into one makes it a definite must have on hand when something happens. This is one durable and pen that will last forever properly taking care of and because of the fact that it comes in such a great aluminum case it would make an ideal Christmas gift.

Timberline Tactical Pen ReviewThe pen comes with backup rubber washers just in case you should happen to damage one. If you should use up the ink cartridge there is no fear you can easily pick one up from timberline tactical distributor for a few bucks in your pen back in action.


Timberline Tactical Pen ReviewThe Timberline tactical pen was primarily designed as a combat pen to be used in the field under very harsh conditions. But because the pen is made of very hard and durable aircraft aluminum and is designed in such a way that allows the aluminum to retain maximum strength makes it ideal as a improvised self-defense tool similar to a Yawara self defense tool. A Yawara is Japanese martial arts tool used on pressure points and in jujitsu techniques.

Timberline Tactical Pen ReviewTimberline Tactical Pen ReviewSo as you can see this pen may not be mightier than the sword but in a pinch I would definitely rather have this great pen on me then nothing at all!




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