UZI Tactical Pen Review

UZI Tactical Pen ReviewThere is an increasing market for space pens that also double as self-defense tools like this one made buy UZI. Some thing's I look for in these pens is, will it withstand hard pounding? Since it's designed as a self-defense

tool it needs to be able to take a pounding in case you really need to use it to defend yourself. The UZI is a very sturdy tool in that aspect, you not going to find any caps to get lost or buttons to push the point of the pen is exposed by twisting the lower part of the pen like a screw on to exposes the pen point than off to cover it up. This makes for a strong point that's not going to fall off or get lost but still covers the point to protect the pen.

UZI Tactical Pen ReviewOne of the most basic of features you need to take in account is can you use it to write many tactical pens look very cool and work very well as strike tools, but when it comes to actual writing with them it can be quite uncomfortable, The Uzi is great on the hand after long periods of writing and one of the reasons it works so well for writing is that all the grips and lines on the lower part of the pen are horizontal not vertical and this makes it easier to grasp and hold for long periods.

UZI Tactical Pen ReviewWhen I say this is a Space pen I mean it's a true space pen even the refills are made by Fisher space pens so you know you're getting top quality components and this is something to watch when buying a tactical pen because not all are Space pens, Some are just pens and you really want the space pen because when you're out in the bush or just around town you may not have the best and most even places to write and a space pen has a compressed cartage that will allow you to write in any climate or angle and even under water is some cases.

UZI Tactical Pen ReviewNow we come to the best part of this pen, this part sets it apart from all others and that's the crown. Uzi has developed a crown that not only will act very well as a self defense tool but this crown is also built like a cookie cutter. So when it hits your attacker it will most likely take a piece of him with you and I found this feature very good for both men and especially women to carry when they're in areas where they could be attacked, this would give you not only a good way to fight them off but allows you to keep a small memento of them for the police to get DNA from and find that person faster.

UZI Tactical Pen ReviewAll in all I really like the UZI pen it's easy to write with lighter than some tactical pens. The two best points of all is it's a true space pen and you can buy a Uzi tactical pen for around 20 bucks which is fantastic for a tactical space pen and even if it didn't have all the other great features for them two points alone I think it's a must have and I recommend it!


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