CRKT Tao Pen Review

CRKT Tao Pen ReviewIf you know me you know I have a fondness for tactical pens. They are a great everyday carry item that can be used for self-defense and is an ideal option for non lethal. They give you a means to defend yourself without having to worry about laws

(like you do with knives) because they are clearly non-lethal and for protection only.
My Favorite types are like the CRKT Tao Pen. 'Tao' translates into 'The Way'.

CRKT Tao Pen ReviewI prefer this design because it has a screw down cap. This allows you more control in case you have to fight with it. The screw ensures that you don't have to worry about the cap falling or loosening when you're fighting for your life. Once its screwed down it says in place and doesn't move - not matter what! This cap also screws on both ways; when the pen is stored (to protect the point) and when the pen is in use (screwing to the back for safe storage).

CRKT Tao Pen ReviewThe Tao pen is also a true space pen with fisher space pen inserts so you can write anywhere at any time including under water and in zero G. The Tao also comes in 4 color variations. Matte black, green, brown and black with silver rings.



CRKT Tao Pen ReviewThis is something I found strange. This pen comes in a really nice carrying case but I see no purpose in the case (other than if you are a collector or you don't want it to be damaged). All the tactical pens I use are made to be carried and used all the time. Having it in the big protective case is pretty much useless to me and makes the pen far too big to fit into a pocket.


CRKT Tao Pen ReviewThe 6061 Aluminum makes this pen lighter than other tactical pens (usually made of steel) but is every bit as strong. When the cap is removed from the pen point and placed onto the back, you are left with a graduated point down to the actual pen ball. This gives you a point that can be used to penetrate skin and in the hands of a professional this pen can be mightier than the sword!

CRKT Tao Pen ReviewThe cap is very well designed. It gives you a great striking tool - but the way it's beveled it will not wear out your pants or shirt pockets. The sharpest points of the crown are in the grooves and in the center. Running your fingers over it will not hurt. When you run your hand sidewise against the slots in the crown (as you would if you were using it in a raking motion for self-defense) it can easily scratch or take out a chunk of your skin!

CRKT Tao Pen ReviewThis pen is easy to open up and use. Most people would think that since the cap screws down, it takes forever to open up and use but it's really not. The threads are perfectly made so that you just give it a few quick turns and the cap is off. This is one of the most important things about a tactical pen that few companies think about. If it's not user friendly people will simply not use it at all! The crown of the Tao pen can also be used to shatter car windows in an emergency.

CRKT Tao Pen ReviewAbout 20 years ago before anyone knew about tactical pens, my father taught me that any pen even a 'Bic' can be used as a fighting tool. By putting your thumb over the tail of the pen, it can be used as a striking tool that can even penetrate skin. One of the best demos of this is in the Bourne Identity movie. Its Hollywood but it does give you some idea how it's used. Self-defense with a pen was possible before tactical pens, but now that tactical pens are around, they give you a very sturdy and durable option for non-lethal defense as well as a really cool and functional writing tool!

I recommend this tool for everyone in need a self-defense product. Maybe your state or province doesn't allow for the carry of a knife, or maybe you just don't want to! In any case the CRKT Tao pen makes a very suitable option for protection.

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