K & R Alpin Pro Compass Review

K&R Alpin Pro Compass ReviewHere is a compass made by a German company who makes a real nice device. The compass is the Alpin Pro and is designed from transparent Plexiglas with a magnifier which can be used to see detail on small topographical maps but can also be used to start a

fire on a sunny day. There are three cutouts that can be use to mark points on a map. The compass is very durable and put together very well this small compass is best used for maps but can be used in other ways as well. On one side of the compass there is an inches ruler as well as many other measurement indicators.

K&R Alpin Pro Compass ReviewK&R Alpin Pro Compass ReviewThe compass has 4 rubber feet so when you're using it with a map or on a surface it's not going to take off on you. The bezel is fully glowing as well as the pointer arrow on the left. I found the compass to be exceptional for reading its flip up sight prism makes reading the compass very easy and the prism works so well allowing you to magnify the readout very easy and fast for quick bearing taking. Now here is something I have not seen on a compass before or I didn't notice it. It has a intergraded clinometers on the back of the compass that can be used to figure out angles.

K&R Alpin Pro Compass ReviewThis compass is filled with a liquid which I am not a big fan of but this one is truly the best I have used. No bubbles or anything that would get in the way of the readout.
The lanyard that comes with this compass is great has a quick release buckle and a strip which reflects light so if you wearing it you can be easily seen or if you should drop it shining a light K&R Alpin Pro Compass Reviewwill show you right where it is in seconds. The caring case is well designed and is padded so you will not break your compass and has a Velcro closer. The large belt loop is nice so you can fit it on almost any belt all in all an outstanding product which I would not hesitate to buy well worth the money!



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