Alpen 15-30x50 spotting scope Review

Alpen 15-30x50 spotting scope ReviewHere is a product I have been looking to get for awhile is a spotting scope but find one that is quality and affordable is next to impossible many are quality but the prices are out of sight some can reach prices of over a grand which is way out of my price range.

One thing I wanted was one that would hold up to being used in bad weather here in New Brunswick it rains well over 4 days a week so you need to have something that will take all that bad weather and still keep working the 730 has a waterproof design that will keep you going all day even if the rain really starts to come down.

Alpen 15-30x50 spotting scope ReviewThe next thing that I liked about the Alpen spotting scopes was they are not black like every one you see Alpen come in green which is different from the norm and is definitely something l like. The model I used in this review was the 730 15-30x50 which I feel gave me the best performance for the money. I wanted something that could be used on the range for shooting both guns and bows but still could be taken out and used for bird watching and this model worked great for that.

Alpen 15-30x50 spotting scope ReviewThe 730 comes with both caps for your eye piece and for the front lens so you can keep dirt and dust out of the lens when you're not using it as well as a nylon carrying case and its own tripod so everything you need for the range is in the pack. Another thing I was looking for was a standard tripod mount some products I have looked at had their own mounts which didn't allow you too switch out for a larger tripod for bird watching but the Alpen 730 does I have three tripods and the 730 fits them all so you can get the perfect setup where ever you are. Another nice feature of the 730 is the pull lens hood for reduction flaring from the sun even when them rare sunny days come along.

Alpen 15-30x50 spotting scope ReviewThe adjustments for the 730 are in both the adjustment knob and the eye piece the eye pieces allows you to switch from 15 to 30 times zoom with a 50 mm objective lens giving you all the adjustment you my need for a day of bird watching. I found the 730 to be very easy to handle and use even with one had you can easily change the focus and settings allowing you to have the other had free for a book or writing. The final thing I want to say about this model is its light very light the 730 comes in at Alpen 15-30x50 spotting scope Reviewjust about 24 oz. so packing it back into the woods is not going to be a really hardship I have use binoculars which were twice as heavy as that. The 730 served me very well and I had no problem with the weather or fogging up the optics. The optics are top quality I dropped this model many times and never had a problem with adjusting

it or it going out of focus like I have had with cheaper models and I would strongly recommend it!

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