Aqualung Quartz 3 Dive Mask Review

Aqualung Quartz 3 Dive Mask ReviewThe quartz 3 dive mask this mask is one of the best I have used over the years one thing you will notice is the Hypo-allergenic skirt will not make you break out or be hard on your face like other masks and because of the high quality of the silicone the fit is

outstanding and feels really good on the face when you've been wearing it for long periods. Other features I found so cool over other masks is the side windows that allow a great field of view far better then them other masks that only give you the tunnel view.

Aqualung Quartz 3 Dive Mask ReviewAqualung Quartz 3 Dive Mask ReviewWhen you think this mask can't get any better it does with the Aqualung Quartz 3 Dive Masknew well new to me I have never seen a quick release snap on a dive mask. One of the best things I have seen in a long time and I'm surprised that everyone isn't doing it. This feature allows you to take the mask off without pulling it over your head all you need to do is push the button on the side of the mask and it will release the buckle. I have found this to be a big hit with women and men with long hair keeps you from having to pull out half your hair to get the mask off as anyone who has used a mask know your hair will get tangled up with the rubber all the time.

Aqualung Quartz 3 Dive Mask ReviewAqualung Quartz 3 Dive Mask ReviewThe last feature I like is the clarity that the tempered glass lens gives over cheap plastic one making wearing this mask a real joy. Bottom line is this mask is the best I've every used and at a price that is not much more then cheap ones so for the price and quality it's the best!

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