Aqualung Snorkel Impulse 3 Review

Aqualung Snorkel Impulse 3 ReviewThis product has spoiled me for any other I have use many snorkels in the past years and none have won me over like this one. The impulse 3 by Aqualung is by far the best in its class.

Aqualung Snorkel Impulse 3 ReviewThe first feature I love is the design of it which is designed very well to keep water out of your mouth. At the top of the snorkel is a system to purge any water that should make its way into the tube as soon as it does its ushered right out threw two vents half way up the snorkel.



Aqualung Snorkel Impulse 3 Review But that's not all this product has if by some stretch it makes it past this first defense there is a second surprise for it at the bottom of the snorkel is a large reservoir were the water gets trapped until you breath out. When you breathe out of the snorkel there is a one way valve at the bottom that will discharge any water that should make it down to the mouth piece so this makes for a very nice swim.

Aqualung Snorkel Impulse 3 ReviewNothing a person hates more then a mouth full of water when they are expecting air. Now for the mouth piece which is noting but perfect the way it is designed makes it Aqualung Snorkel Impulse 3effortless to use all day and will not make your jaw feel like you have been in a fight after a long day of use.



Aqualung Snorkel Impulse 3 ReviewThe design of this snorkel is very nice it is made is such a way is to keep water from waves from splashing directly into your tube. With all these contingencies to stop water Aqualung has made in my eyes the best snorkel for swimming and snorkeling and if your looking for a quality snorkel and you want the best check out the best Aqualung!


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