Aqualung Rocket 2 Fins Review

Aqualung Rocket 2 Fins ReviewThe Aqualung Rocket fins don't need any big interdiction if you have every seen a Navy Seal in a movie or television show chances are, you've seen them before. The Aqualung rocket fins are used by everyone from the Navy Seals to law

Aqualung Rocket 2 Fins Reviewenforcement and even weekend warriors like me! Because of there nature and the fins design, they lend themselves very well to just about any environment. Aqualung rocket fins have been around for a very long time and used all around the world in just about any body of water you can think of. The fins come in a classic black which I really like plain looking gear not a big fan of loud colors.

Aqualung Rocket 2 Fins ReviewThese fins are very durable and can withstand a lot of punishment, I've heard of people who have had the same fins for over 20 years and all they had to replace is the heal strap. The buckles on the rocket fin are made from steel so there is not need to worry about the strap wearing down like plastic ones would. The fins as you can see from the photo have two reinforced rings at both ends that make them very easy to hang or to mount to a backpack. Bottom line is these are the only fins Aqualung Rocket 2 Fins ReviewI will ever use, because of there versatility and cost easily makes them the best!




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