Scrim Net Scarf or Sniper Veil Review

Scrim Net Scarf or Sniper Veil ReviewI have wanted to do a review on these for a while now because they are one of my favorite pieces of gear I carry. The Scrim Net Scarf has been something I have used for many years and would never leve home without one.

Scrim Net Scarf or Sniper Veil ReviewThe design has been around almost 80 years and has been use by the British Military and Canadian Military for most of them years. The uses for

these are many and I am going to point just a few first up is yes it can be used as a sniper veil but its uses don't stop there.


Scrim Net Scarf or Sniper Veil ReviewThe next use is something I have used it for which is you place snow in the net then hang it from a stick near a heat source close enough to have the heat melt the show into your cup or canteen your using but keep it far enough so that it will not set fire to it but that can be hard because it wet.



Scrim Net Scarf or Sniper Veil ReviewNext use is to hide gear over the years I have found myself in the need of a quick way to hide gear whether your wanting to go get something or leave something behind so that you don't need to carry it and you want to pick it up on your way back all you need to do is use one of these besides you don't want people taking it and as you can see from the photos they are very hard to make out in the woods and as I always say "what people don't see they don't want"!

Scrim Net Scarf or Sniper Veil ReviewNext is the versatile in this field for hiding gear they come in so many colors and styles that you can use them in almost any area or time of the year to conceal gear.
The fact that the they are made of cotton and are very light one of Scrim Net Scarf or Sniper Veil the main things I use them for is to wrap gear in so it doesn't get broken many pieces of kit people use each have some small pouch or pocket it comes in which only can be used for one thing and that to carry the product and this is weight which I find to be useless when I can carry a scrim net scarf to protect the product and if the need should arise I can take that scarf and use it in other ways were the pocket or pouch would be useless.

One of the main used people have for this scarf is just that a scarf and when double up it quite worm in the fall and spring or even winter and I also use them all summer as a bandana and to soak in water and wrap around your neck to keep your cool but you can also use them as a shemagh to conceal your face or protect you from the sun the netting is very porous but when doubled up it becomes thick and perfect for a bandana.

These are just some of the uses I have found for the Scrim Net Scarf and I know there are a great many others but the bottom line is I like to carry products that are worth their weight and can be used for more than one thing and this is one of my main rules and that's why I use and love these scarf's and would Highly recommend people pick one up and by the way they are relatively cheap so that doesn't hurt either!

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