Spec Ops Brand Recon Wrap Review

Spec Ops Brand Recon Wrap ReviewThe recon wrap is one of the pieces of gear that I find myself using all the time. This little item because of its versatility and the ability to wear it in different ways not to mention the many ways you find yourself using it for instance such as to filter out large particles from water and to hang snow so it melts into your cup in the wintertime and it can also be tied at one end and used like a bag for food or small items.

Spec Ops Brand Recon Wrap ReviewThe recon wrap is made up of a tubular fabric that can be worn like a balaclava, neck gator, bandanna, sweat band, helmet liner, just to name a few. This little wrap is so small that it can be folded up and fits in the palm of your hand but because of these wicking properties it can be worn all year round to both keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Spec Ops Brand Recon Wrap ReviewI found the recon wrap to truly shine when it comes to blowing snow and wind to protect your skin from the cold. Another way I use it quite a bit is as a watch cap by taking the tubular shaped and giving it a half twist and folding in on itself and this essentially makes it so That it can be worn in cold weather to both help wick away sweat to keep your head warm and this works equally as well when working out as a sweatband.



Spec Ops Brand Recon Wrap ReviewThe microfiber material that the recon wrap is made from is synthetic so it's not going to affect any allergies you have or skin irritations. One thing I have been asked a few times is will it unravel if you should get ripped or tear and I have never been able to rip mine in any way but spec ops makes them with the locking stitch which is designed to prevent just that unravel so I'm sure even if you get a rip it's not going to come apart anymore. The material that the recon wrap is made from will not shrink as I have washed mine many times but you may find that it does fit tight. The dimensions of the recon wrap for 21" x 10" so you can see it's quite large and when you wear it as a neck gator it can easily be doubled for extra protection.

Spec Ops Brand Recon Wrap ReviewThe recon wrap comes in all the major Camouflages and colors that you could possibly want from black to universal camo and hunters orange and is in my opinion one item that not only is light and compact but can do the job of five or six other pieces of clothing so you can carry this small little item and leave the rest at home saving you weight and space for other items in your pack truly one of my favorite pieces of gear.

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