Outdoor Research PS150 X-static Gloves Review

Outdoor Research PS150 X-static Gloves ReviewThe Ps150 glove from OR is one of those products that I've been hearing good things about for years but like every product we review, I held back my judgment about the gloves till I had a chance to use them myself.


These Gloves are made to be Liners and used with a waterproof shell. You need to wear Gore-Tex or some other kind of breathable shell over the glove for them to be totally waterproof. The 150 gloves wick away moisture unlike any other glove I have used and stay very warm. Perfect for all seasons except winter.


Outdoor Research PS150 X-static Gloves ReviewOutdoor Research PS150 X-static Gloves ReviewEven when you're sweating you don't feel wet or cold. The brushed fleece allows the moisture to escape easily but still provides you with good wind resistance and warmth. I like to use these gloves as a permanent glove option for my Bug Out Bag Or B.O.B and as an everyday carry. As most outdoors people know, when the sun goes down so does the heat and having a great warm pair of gloves to throw on and still have good dexterity is a must. As an added bonus they are very light only 1.8 oz. or 51g. These gloves are available in size small to XL but keep in mind they stretch so try before you buy for the best fit.

Outdoor Research PS150 X-static Gloves ReviewThe dexterity is terrific. I have used the 150s for over two weeks doing just about every task I can think of and they have been just like a second skin, keeping me warm while still giving me 100% mobility when doing a task.
The 150s are made from a Polartec Fabric that has 3-way stretch. This allows the gloves to conform to your hand perfectly. If you're someone who's hard to fit, these gloves are the ones to take a look at!

Two things about the gloves is they don't deform after use for a long time and this means they fit just as well when you first put them on as they do 2 weeks later! The other thing is they dry very quickly even if they are totally wet they tend to not feel as cold as other gloves because of the high wicking properties!

The PS150 X-Static are just what they sound like, they are anti static gloves. You're not going to get zapped like you do with most fleece gloves. The best part is they are also anti-microbial which means after you wear them for a week they're not going to take on that weird smell most gloves and hats have. (Yes I know you can wash them but it's nice to have that feature so they don't stink until you have the chance to wash them.) These gloves are one of the best products I've used. In fact I liked them so much I will be adding them to my year round go bag. This way I will have them on hand at all time, and you know if they weren't the best, I wouldn't carry them.

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