Outdoor Research Super Couloir Gloves Review

Outdoor Research Super Couloir Gloves ReviewIf you every had to work out doors whether it's on ski team checking trails or like me trapping and camping you know what a asset it can be to have good gloves. In the winter when you're working outdoors you find yourself having to take your gloves off all the time to do tasks because you just don't have good dexterity with bulky gloves.

Outdoor Research Super Couloir Gloves ReviewThis is where the OR's Super Couloir gloves come in, they are designed to be a 3 in 1 system that is one of the best systems I have every used in the wilderness. Years ago my father came up with a system to where a work glove inside a waterproof glove similar to a winter army glove and this system serve well because there was no type system out there at the time but now there is!

Outdoor Research Super Couloir Gloves ReviewThe OR Super Couloir gloves give you two pairs of gloves in the set that can be worn by them salves or as a set for maximum warmth and versatility. The inter glove is made to be a work glove with full leather palms and a light weight weather resistant shell that is both flexible and durable well still give you very

good movement and dexterity when working. You get a small gantlet on the liner with a very easy to work Velcro strap, which I say easy and point it out because when you have one glove on many gloves are very hard to work but this system is great!



Outdoor Research Super Couloir Gloves ReviewThe shell of the glove system is made up of goat leather palms and sidewalls, which are the sides of the fingers which gives you surprisingly good grip even with the larger glove on. The rest of the shell is made from GORE-TEX and a breathable Taslan shell that is similar to ripstop nylon that will resists tearing and damage. On the back of the hand you will find a flexible stretchy material that work great to allow flex in the hand when you tighten your fist but helps to keep the glove snug when your hand is open and makes for very nice feature keeping the size of the glove down and keeping it sung for better warmth but allows for great workability of the glove too.

Outdoor Research Super Couloir Gloves ReviewThe lining of the shell is one of my favorite types its call Primaloft and I have used this material in jackets which were less than one inch thick but kept me totally warm even in a Alberta blizzard with nothing more than a T-shirt on underneath and if that doesn't say warm I don't know what does!

The shell also comes with large straps that can be used to attach the gloves to a coat or even around your wrist so you can take the glove off without losing them in the snow which is nice. They also have a large gantlet that allows you to fit them well over your jacket and with the Mono cinching system your can clamp them down around your jacket so no snow gets in and I have found this system very easy to work when you're wearing the gloves and super easy to get off in the hurry!

When you have both gloves combined you have yourself a very versatile system that will serve you well whether your just skiing or hunting back in the woods and me personally, I wouldn't even think of going out to the back country without these gloves in winter, because they are the ultimate system for working and staying dry and warm!

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