Danner GTX Men's & Women's Review

Danner GTX Men's & Women's ReviewThe Danner GTX is just another example of how Danner stays in front of the race when it comes to boots. The GTX has many features that make this one of the best universal hiking boots on the market. First off this boot comes covered with very nice Nubuck leather outer that feels so soft. One of the many great things I like about this boot

is Danner has put there stitching around the sole which helps in a big way to keep your boots from ripping in the main stress points. This stitching is in the parts of the boot where other boots come apart like on the outside of the toe and heal these places are where we have found almost every boot we have owned rips open. So Danner has done something here that we feel is great for a boot.

Danner GTX Men's & Women's ReviewDanner GTX Men's & Women's ReviewBut they have not stopped there they have reinforced the tow with a Scuff-proof toe cap that will keep the toe area from wear. Danner has put into this boot a feature I real like is the swivel like eyelets for your lasses this make the quick removing of the boot easy when you come to them brooks and you want to take your boots off fast. But the GTX will have no problem dealing with the brook it has a full Gore-Tex bootie that makes the inside of the boot very smooth and comfortable when hiking there is no places on the inside of the boot to be hard on your feet. This bootie will keep your feet free of sweet and block out all water. The design of the GTX sole makes the boot very stable on uneven ground and when hiking up hills.

Danner GTX Men's & Women's ReviewDanner GTX Men's & Women's ReviewThe tread is designed in such a way that you get almost no build up of mud and rocks which helps big time when you don't have to stop to dig out the mud to get your traction back.



Danner GTX Men's & Women's ReviewWe have reviewed both the men's and women's versions of this boot. The men's comes in a dark brown and the women's version comes in a very fetching blue/gray almost blueberry color which I like my self. The women we got to review these boots found them to be just as outstanding as the men's and one thing they all said they loved besides the performance was the color!

Danner GTX Men's & Women's ReviewDanner GTX Men's & Women's ReviewThe bottom line is that the GTX makes a great hiker and all around boot and would make a very nice winter boot because of the Gore-Tex liner bootie. Another thing we want to point out like we are doing for all Danner boots we tested and reviewed is that they are a fanatic company. They will even pay the shipping back to them if the boots don't fit. This is a very big deal when buying boots off the net because that is the #1 thing everyone worries about when buying boots online!

    To check out or buy these boots go to www.danner.com