UK Gear Winter Shoe Review

UK Gear Winter Shoe ReviewThe UK Gear is manufacturing a line of shoes in conjunction with military advisers from the British physical training teams. And in doing this they have produced an outstanding high quality winter running shoe. The shoe has everything one needs for winter it's waterproof and on every point on the shoe where you would endure damage they have sown high-quality

synthetic leather with a winter running shoe you don't want real leather because leather will stretch and become very easy to damage when wet. The materials they have used are all very durable and resistant to bad weather.

UK Gear Winter Shoe ReviewIt goes without saying that the shoe is completely waterproof but one of the features I found that was unlike other shoes I have used was the sole. The rubber that has used for the sole is not like most rubber used in running shoes it's specially formulated for winter weather because of this it sticks to ice and snow very good improving your traction and reducing your chances of slipping and falling. Most running shoes the sole material tends to become extremely hard in cold weather causing the shoe to become just like a ski and you end up almost not been able to stay up on your feet.

UK Gear Winter Shoe ReviewAnother feature that they have put into the shoes that I personally really like is the design of the eyelets for the shoelaces they are made of steel and not just punched holes this is one thing that is a must in a winter running shoe because once the shoe becomes wet other shoes will become very soft around this area and your shoelaces will rip right through the material . This reinforcing prevents any damage to the shoe in wet weather and is one of my favorite features.

UK Gear Winter Shoe ReviewAside from all the technology that's been put into the shoe the most important thing is that they're comfortable and they are. The interior of the shoe is sown in a way that feels just like a sock greatly improving your comfort.


UK Gear Winter Shoe ReviewThings you will find when using a running shoe when on uneven ground is when you step on a rock or any similar material you will feel it through to your foot but they have embedded shock distribution system under the ball of the foot that dissipates any protruding impact to the foot so this will improve your comfort when running off road.

I have only one wish and that is that they incorporated in this model is a gator something similar to their summer gator but waterproof this would be excellent for a winter shoe. It would definitely be something that would be great for the shoe it would allow you to run in deep snow and very bad weather while still keeping splashing water and slush off your legs.

I have found UKGear PT - 03 to be an excellent winter shoe whether you are running or not.

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