Danner USMC Hot Weather Boot Review

Danner USMC Hot Weather Boot ReviewI have been hearing a lot about the USMC boots that how great they are so I thought I would give them a try for myself because as you know everyone opinion is different. Well all I can say is 'simply magnificent" Danner has made in my opinion one of the best outdoor boots on the market. I have used many boots from doc martins to army boots and everything in between and these boots will far out perform any of them. The first thing I noticed right away when I put them on was how cool the boot is and this is because of the liner called Dri-Lex this material is very good at keeping your feet cool and dry and when I say cool I mean cool these boots feel like you're wearing sneakers.

Danner USMC Hot Weather Boot ReviewThe boot is designed so if you should get water into it there are two grommets at the bottom right under where your arch is. This will act like pumps as you walk they will shoot the water out of the boot this innovation comes from the jungle boot and is a must if you live where there is a lot of water and you're bound to get your feet wet.


Danner USMC Hot Weather Boot ReviewNow for the lacing the design of the laces are great for keeping your foot stable in the boot because of the fact they go all the way down to the toe. This will lock your foot from slipping in the boot which I have found happens with other army boots. The lace holes are fantastic and are easy to get the boot on fast they are coated with a thick like paint that will allow the lace to pass thru with very little friction.





Danner USMC Hot Weather Boot ReviewThe boot is made of very good leather and 1000 Denier nylon upper which will give you great breathability but not cut down on durability. As I am person who has weak ankles and needs good ankle supports. I was worried that they would not provide me with the support I needed but I am happy to report that they do give me all the support I need.


Danner USMC Hot Weather Boot ReviewDanner USMC Hot Weather Boot ReviewAs for the soles they are Vibram and we all know that they make some of the best soles for boots so you know you're getting the best right off the bat! And what I really like what Danner did with the boot sole they have sewn the boot right to the sole making them very strong.




Danner USMC Hot Weather Boot ReviewIn conclusion I have found these boots to be the best summer boot for use in the woods and found them to be just as good around town. If you're looking for a new pair of boots I would check out Danner! One last thing I want to point out about Danner is that they are a fanatic company and they will even pay the shipping back to them if the boots don't fit. This is a very big deal when buying boots online because that is the #1 thing everyone worries about when buying boots online!

  To check out or buy these boots go to www.danner.com