Smartwool Socks Review

Smartwool Socks ReviewSince I received these socks I am becoming a real fan of SmartWool. The socks have the same feel as cotton socks but the wicking ability of wool. The wool doesn't itch like the old wool socks your dad used and will outperform any common wool sock by far!

Smartwool Socks ReviewSmartwool Socks ReviewBecause the SmartWool has a features like small microscopic air pockets which do the same to dissipate heat as they do to hold it in during cold weather. One of my favorite things about these socks is that they don't lose their shape like other wool socks do and this doesn't sound like a big deal but it is!

Smartwool Socks ReviewSmartwool Socks ReviewThese socks are made with merino wool and this is quickly becoming the best wool in the world for outdoor base layers since I have been watching this kind of gear I have seen a lot of stores sell out of this type of gear very fast and for good reason!



Smartwool Socks ReviewSmartwool Socks ReviewThe SmartWool works great to absorbed your sweet or water you my get in your boots and help to dissipate it and keep the water away from your skin to prevent it from sucking out all your heat from your feet . Anyone who does a lot of hiking knows when your feet are wet and cold you're wet and cold so you need to have a good pair of socks to help keep your warmth in and keep you dry. These SmartWool socks are a really keeper and I will be replacing all my socks with them!

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