UK Gear PT 03 Desert Shoe Review

UK Gear PT 03 Desert Shoe ReviewAlong with the winter version we received a summer version of the PT shoe from UKGear. The summer version would make an excellent shoe for running off-road, the optional gator that you can get makes idea for protection from tree branches and sand. The shoe is designed for desert use and is very good in hot weather.

UK Gear PT 03 Desert Shoe ReviewUK Gear PT 03 Desert Shoe ReviewThe gator that you can get with these shoes are designed to keep sand and branches out of your shoes and protect your legs from the abrasion of sand. When it comes to being in desert areas having protection for your legs is a must because blowing sand acts just like sandblaster, and can peel the skin right off your legs, so protection for all exposed areas is a must.





UK Gear PT 03 Desert Shoe ReviewThe desert version of the PT 03 is very similar to the winter version with the heavy metal eyelets for the shoelaces and a similar sole. One main difference of the summer version is its design to expel the maximum amount of heat while still maintaining a very durable and sand proof shoe, this is achieved by the canvas like material that allows for as much heat release while still maintaining a very durable exterior.




UK Gear PT 03 Desert Shoe ReviewUK Gear PT 03 Desert Shoe ReviewOne of the Best feature of this shoe has to be the gato, this cool option give you protection for the leg as well as the shoe, and is securely fastened to the base of the shoe through elastic like strap that runs the exterior of the shoe that allows you to securely strap down the gator. It was a good idea to use the elastic material for this strap because it has some give to it, and if you were to use any sort of material that would not allow for give, when you run it would wear very fast and definitely break. For those people who don't want to wear a hiking boot or a heavy summer boot, these would make an excellent substitute, allowing you to have the protection for your legs with the gator and still have a very light, breathable alternative to boot.

UK Gear PT 03 Desert Shoe ReviewUK Gear PT 03 Desert Shoe ReviewOne activaty I found that would be great for these shoes is people who enjoy riding mountain bikes,and they use their bikes for everything. If you're on your way to a job interview and your wearing pants you need to protect your leg and lower part of your pants from both dirt and oil from the bike, As everyone knows when you wear Pants Mountain biking it's easy to get grease on them or they can become caught in your chain. But the gator that you can get for these shoes keeps the lower part of your pants cinched up against your body so you don't have anything that will get caught on the bike.

When you get to where you're going, all you need to do is unzip the gator and pop off the straps and you got a plain sneaker. Then the gators can be stored in your backpack or even in your pocket this is one of the features that I found the summer shoes to be excellent for.

The UK gear shoes are advertised to be 'built to survive'and I've found them to be just that. They are very durable and well built and would definitely make an excellent hard-core shoe for running or even as a daily shoe, there super light weight, while still maintaining far greater durability than other shoes. I have some idea about shoes as I spent a few years selling them at an outdoor store, so I gained ome knowledge of what shoes are out there and how good they perform, but if I had to pick the UK shoes would definitely be my pick for the outdoors.

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