The AHNU JENNIER Sandal Review

The AHNU JENNIER Sandal ReviewI have been in the market for a new replacement for my favorite Teva sandals so when I seen these I had the feeling that they were just what I was looking for! The AHNU JENNIER beats my old sandals by far. We tested out both the women's and men's versions and we have both come to an over whelming conclusion that these shoes are outstanding!

The AHNU JENNIER Sandal ReviewThe AHNU JENNIER Sandal ReviewThe construction of both pairs we tried out were impeccable and ideal .Now for the things we liked about these shoes one was the design of the sole. The bottom material is very grippe and is Ideal for them trips down brooks and when you live in a area of the country where it rains 4 times a week having a pair of shoes that can get wet and still function is a must The heal of the shoe has a nice feature that I have not see with other sandals and that is they have made it so the heal has a cup shape so your foot doesn't slide off the platform like it has with almost every pair of sandals we have used. Another thing I have found to be a pain with sandals is the heal strap after they get used for a while the heal strap tends to fall down under your foot all the time but AHNU has reinforces this part of the shoe with a plastic like strap which helps to keep the heal strap shape and this shows that they understand what is needed in this type of shoe.

The AHNU JENNIER Sandal ReviewThe AHNU JENNIER Sandal ReviewAll the edges of the shoe are wrapped in a neoprene like material which is a must when it comes to a shoe like these where you will be using them without socks or in water.



The AHNU JENNIER Sandal ReviewThe AHNU JENNIER Sandal ReviewAnd now for the best part these sandals are like a hi-bred between a cross-trainer and a The AHNU JENNIER sandal because of the toe of the shoe. The toe of the shoe is designed like a cross-trainer and has a reinforced toe cap made of very durable rubber which makes this shoe one of the best. The thing that I never liked about most sandals is that you are constantly worrying about hitting your toes on rocks and catch the front of the shoe under trees and roots on the trail. But AHNU has taken a very nice sandal and made it even better with toe cap a small feature but it will allow you to do things you had a hard time doing with

Other sandals like riding mountain bikes and climbing rocks. Bottom line these sandals are the best we have ever used and would not hesitate to buy them you get all the things you love about sandals with the comfort and protection of a full shoe this is outstanding!!!

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