Belleville Multicam Boot TR-505 Review

Belleville Multicam Boot TR-505 ReviewA question you see on every forum and website when it comes to Multicam is "what boot goes best with Multican" and now there is a answer to this question the Kiowa Multicam Boot TR-505 as of now is the only boot on the

market with Multicam incorporated in it. Now that you got a boot to match your gear for hunting, airsofting or any other fun activities you like to do. Let's get down to the real deal are they any good?

Belleville Multicam Boot TR-505 ReviewOver the years I have had the privilege to use some of the best boots on the market so I like to think I have some idea if a boot is any good and the most important thing for me is are they well fitted and comfortable. I have used shoes and boot that where ugly but where so comfortable that I just had to buy them so you should never judge a shoe or boot by the way it looks you need to use it.

Belleville Multicam Boot TR-505 ReviewNow I have sold shoes so I have not only used them but have been around many different kinds and the Kiowa is one the best light combat boots I have seen. The reasons I feel the boot is so great are first one is the price the boot can be found for around $100 buck which is unheard of for a combat boot hell you can't even buy a decent pair of running shoes for that price so 100 bucks for a combat boot is absolutely great.

Belleville Multicam Boot TR-505 ReviewWhen it comes to combat boot I would like to compare these to my old Canadian army boots starting with the inter sole the inter sole of the Canadian army boot is thin and very poor in quality and provides absolutely no support as for the Kiowa it's a fair superior sole in just about every way. The Canadian inter sole is thin and just about useless but the Kiowa is very high tech and similar to inter soles I have bought after market and paid around $30 bucks for. The Kiowa sole is designed to allow for maximum amount of air flow well still giving you a ton of support when it comes to you arch. I personally have a very high arch and almost every pair of boots I buy I need to buy a aftermarket inter sole or after 8 hours of waling in them my feet will feel like someone has beaten them with a tree branch but the Kiowa is the first boot that has ever given me the right support without having to spend any extra money saving me $30 bucks.

Belleville Multicam Boot TR-505 ReviewThe Kiowa is without question one of the lightest boots I have used and I would have to compare its weight to a running shoe so if you're planning to use this boot for high activity you're going to love it. The outer shell of the boot is Full grain cowhide leather and Cordura the cordura is your Multicam part of the boot now my only grievance is the boot is not waterproof it was primary designed for hot weather so using the boot in the summer on hiking trips would be its ideal purpose and even thought the boot is not waterproof I had the chance to use the boot around town even in the rain and there was very little seepage of water into the boot so it does have some water repellant properties and these can be heightened by using a spray on water repellent made for hiking boots or another option if you needed the boot to be waterproof I would pick up a Gore-Tex sock and let's face it even boots that boast they are Gore-tex all they have is a Gore-tex bootie sewn into the inside of the boot and if you want to go that way it would be better because you can change out the sock when you need to. On the sides of the boot are two nice features and that is a little padding on your ankle to protect them from the octagonal bump and we all know what that's like!

If you're looking at the boot just from the photos in online stores they don't do the boot justice for one is the lacing holes they are not just punched if you look they are reinforced with grommets for support and like near the heal there looks like the rubber is very thin and the outer side of the boot looks cut very low giving the impression that your heal will wear threw with little use this is not the fact. When you get your hands on the boot you can see that there is an inner heal cup made form silicone which helps to protect the heal form moving or getting anything stuck into it.

So you can see there is more to this boot then meets the eye and this brings me to my next point. As a big guy I need a very stable heal if it's not when you're traveling around trails rivers you will find yourself on your butt most of the time. The Kiowa has a very deceptive heal it looks like there is little support but along with the Silicone cup there is strapping as well to give your heal a very stable platform. Now there are a few things I would like to see and I like my combat boots to have. This is just me and not everyone would like them but that is grommets in the arch to help to pump out water if it should get in and speed laces they add some weight but help to get the boot on much faster.

My Final thoughts is this boot is fantastic for anyone who wants a light weight boot which still gives you ankle support well cutting down on weight every chance they get. The boot is so comfortable that I would have to say it's more like a slipper or light sneaker then a combat boot well still being strong and durable to take anything you can throw at it!

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