Belleville 650 Combat USAF Boot Review

Belleville 650 Combat USAF Boot ReviewWhen I received the chance to review the New Boot from Belleville that was designed for the USAF I jumped at the chance to give these boots a go. I am always interested in boots that have the quality of mill spec boots but these boots have an added bonus of having a gore-tex bootie which means providing you don't puncture or get water in the top of the boot there mostly waterproof. Now some my say why not wear rubber boots if your want them to be waterproof well I have been there and a rubber boot is nowhere near as good, comfortable or breathable as these boots are.

Belleville 650 Combat USAF Boot ReviewBelleville 650 Combat USAF Boot ReviewWith the Belleville 650 you get the waterproofness of a rubber boot but the breathable and mobility of a standard army boot and this is a great advantage when you're dealing with a area like new Brunswick where you spent just as much time in water and brooks as out .The design of the boot is pretty standard 8 inch height and the outer is made from green leather and nylon with a gore-tex bootie to protect the wearer from water well still have sweat escape. Now If you're not familiar with how gore-ex works well simply it's like a one way valve allowing perspiration and moistures to escape well keeping any from getting in which make them ideal for wet climates like is found in eastern Canada. Although the boot keeps you dry it provides little protection from the cold so if you're looking for this boot to wear in the winter it's not designed for that you would have to wear two pairs of socks or go for one of Bellevilles insolated models. These boots come in many models from light combat boot like these ones to steel toed and even insulated models so you can get one for every occasion.

Belleville 650 Combat USAF Boot ReviewA huge thing that I liked about these boots is the running sole the sole of the boot is made more like a running shoe then a boot with my old Canadian army boot the sole was hard as a rock and in cold or even wet weather the boot would be like you had a brick tied to the bottom of your boot sliding everywhere but the Bellevilles 650 has a far softer and lighter sole giving you the feel of a running shoe well still getting the support of a boot which is ideal in the woods you get a far lighter step with these boots this way you're not cracking and knocking everything you step on specially if you're walking around town or on tile floors or wood much more silent step.

Belleville 650 Combat USAF Boot ReviewThe material used in these boot is very easy to clean the leather is similar to a suede and can be cleaned with a wire brush that can be found at any shoe store and by just giving them a quick brush every once and awhile and maybe a quick rinse if they get real dirty then brush when dry your all set.



Belleville 650 Combat USAF Boot ReviewI chose the Sage Green for one reason and that is there different many army boots I have used have been tan or in most cases black but the green is a nice chance form the norm for people looking for a quality boot for hunting and outdoor use. Now let's get down to the real nitty gritty are they comfortable absolutely once they are broken in but you need to keep in mind that every boot needs to be broken in before there totally perfect but combat boots like these are very easy to break in all you need to do is get them wet. This used to be a pain to break in a pair of boots I would get them a little wet and wear them not too much or you will get your feet messed up but boots with a gore-tex bootie are special easy because you can get the boot its self wet without getting your feet wet. So you can conform the boot to your feet without having to take a chance of damaging your feet which is fantastic.

Belleville 650 Combat USAF Boot ReviewBelleville 650 Combat USAF Boot ReviewI get the question form people all the time why wear combat boots why not just go to Mountain equipment co-op and buy a pair of hiking boots? Well I have never had a hiking boot hold up to a combat boot like these and even a buddy of mine bought a pair that cost almost twice what these boots cost and in two weeks the sole came off them so just because you buy what you think is quality not all boots are made to military specs like combat boots. In my entire life I have never had a combat boot sole fall off never even had one fall apart in any way only reason I had to replace them is you run the soles down and I can't say that for any other boot I have ever owned so that why I go with quality boots like these you get far more for you money and besides they come in my three favorite colors tan,green and black !

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