Hi-TEC YETI II 600 WPI Winter Boot Review

Hi-TEC YETI II 600 WPI Winter Boot ReviewWhen I first put these boots on the thing that stood out was that they were so lightweight, not much more weight than my running shoes which is fantastic when it come to winter boots. This is nice because most of the time with winter boots you feel

like your feet are in cement and that just adds to your fatigue when traveling long distances. The next thing that I was surprised by is how stable the boot was and how much support you received from the heal, this was something I was not expecting at all but it was very welcome in such a light boot.


Waterproof microfiber/nylon upper
600g Thinsulate™ insulation
Thermo-Dri® waterproof/insulated construction
ion-mask™ waterproof technology
Molded heel and forefoot for added durability
Compression-molded EVA midsole
Comfort-Tec sockliner
Anti-Freeze rubber outsole

Hi-TEC YETI II 600 WPI Winter Boot ReviewI've tried these boots out on days anywhere from .0 to -19 and I have to say my feet never felt warmer even when you're walking through deep snow. The boots where very comfortable even after long walks but what I will say they do need to be broken in like all boots and if you're like me and you sometimes want to wear two pairs of socks you should get a half size larger so if you're a 9 1/2 you may want a 10 but since the boots turned out being so warm I never felt the need to. The Thermo-Dri insulation worked remarkable well even with the boot being mostly leather on the outside after long walks I didn't get all that much sweating and my feet stayed both dry and warm. This is another point of why the boots are so warm because if a boot can't expel most of the sweet from your foot even the best most expensive boot will get cold so this is something to watch for in buying any footwear.

Hi-TEC YETI II 600 WPI Winter Boot ReviewThe inner of the boot is Lined with a waterproof bootie that keep any water from getting in with a innersole that has Memory foam built into it just like them beds you see on TV this allows the sole to conform to your foot for better comfort and the sole also has large holes cut into it for better ventilation of your foot making for both a more comfortable and cooler sole. The boots are protected from water by ion Mask which is a high tech waterproofing system that Hi-tec has developed which makes a membrane so you don't get any water in the boot but still allows for sweat to escape similar to Gore-tex.

Hi-TEC YETI II 600 WPI Winter Boot ReviewThe lacing system is similar to most hiking boots with steel loops along with fast lacing found at the top so they are pretty much laid out like a standard hiking boot, but there is one small difference at the top of the lacing just before the fast lacing, the last loop has a small feature that when the laces are pulled tight it jams the lace so you don't get any slipping on the laces when you go to put them through the fast lacing so your get a better and faster lace up not a huge function but I felt the need to point it out because I really liked it!



Hi-TEC YETI II 600 WPI Winter Boot ReviewThe design of the sole of the boot was another point that caught my eye, the grooves throughout the boot sole look and act just like winter car tires. The lugs have wavy cuts into them that allow for better grip and stability on ice and snow which is another feature I have not seen in a winter boot. On the center of the boot sole, where you tend to pick up a lot of snow in the tracks, they have added small rounded lugs which I feel work great to help keep snow from getting caught up in the tracks and freezing and after using them in sticky snow there where not points where the snow stuck so I guess the design is sound. With the anti-freeze rubber you're not going to get any hardening of the sole that will result in you slipping and another point I liked was they installed a second layer of protective fabric all the way around the boot and toe where you get most of your scuffing and damage which adds to their durability.

And now for my favorite part to tell you about even though these boots have some of the best features found in winter boots, they don't cost tons of money, I have found them for anywhere from $80 to $120 and for a waterproof, breathable and durable boot like these that's very cheap my friend paid nearly $300 for a similar boot last year so at $120 your getting a great boot at a great deal!

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