Hi Tec Cascadia eVent WPi Review

Hi Tec Cascadia eVent WPi ReviewThe Cascadia Boot from Hi Tec is a boot I have been testing out recently, now I know they're not a winter boot, but I have been testing them in winter as I do wear boots like them all year around.

All I really feel the need to do is double up on the socks and you're good to go. Since I have used them in the winter I have some idea if they will hold up to water, I've seen where a few people have posted comments on a site where they were saying they were not waterproof so this got me to thinking, and I really wanted to give them a go!

Hi Tec Cascadia eVent WPi ReviewHi Tec Cascadia eVent WPi ReviewSo I set out to do some testing my first test was at home when I received the boot, I took them to the tap and ran pressurized water on the side of the boot for 2 minutes to see if there was any leaks. I also put a piece of tissue paper on the inside, so if there was any leaks at all they would show up but I'm happy to say zero leaks not a drop. Next I set out to do a number of hikes in 5 to 6 inch snow and slush to see if this would affect the boot because some boots will hold up for small periods but after time they start to leak but again I'm happy to report that they were outstanding, even after a number of time going out for hikes for miles their where zero leaks and my feet where bone dry!

Hi Tec Cascadia eVent WPi ReviewI attribute this to the both the eVent Membrane and the ion-mask tech that is used in the boot, eVent is a fabric membrane use by a great deal of companies these days. eVent provides both very good venting of moisture that is just as good if not better than gore-tex well blocking all water and rain from getting in.





Hi Tec Cascadia eVent WPi ReviewThe ion-mask Technology is an innovation by Hi-Tec that binds to the fabric on a molecular level to give the fabric both extremely good weather resistance, well not preventing moisture to escape. You need this because your boot is not only being attacked by moisture on the outside of the boot, but it's also tasked with allowing your boot to expel the moisture so your foot doesn't get soaked form the inside out from sweet. These fabrics give you the best of both worlds by allowing the maximum amount of moisture to escape well blocking 100% of incoming water and rain making for a fantastic fabric for outdoor activities!


Hi Tec Cascadia eVent WPi ReviewHi Tec Cascadia eVent WPi ReviewThe eye loops of the this boot are both very user friendly and externally durable, They are made from steel with small hinges to allow them to move freely but can still take far more abuse than fabric eyelids. This is one of the first places a boot goes bad for me. Since I'm hard on gear sometimes I pull too hard on laces and they come right through the boot, but I can rest easy that this will not happen with the Casadia!

Hi Tec Cascadia eVent WPi ReviewAnother thing I have to point out that I've not seen on other boots, is the guide hole just before you get to the fast laces, when the laces are pulled tight into them they have a wedge like design that synchs the lace so it will not slide back. This makes for lacing the boots both easier and faster not having to keep tension on them well you put the laces through the fast lace hooks.


Hi Tec Cascadia eVent WPi ReviewThe Soles of the Casadia are one of my favorite kinds Vibram. I've use them on a great number of boots and they have been nothing but remarkable. When I see a boot I'm thinking of buying with these soles on it, in my mind they already have a leg up on the competition.



Now for the looks of the boot, I left the look till last because I feel that's not the most important thing when it comes to boot, but having a pair that look great never hurts! The Cascadia Boots from Hi Tec are very aesthetically pleasing with a full green upper accented with dark gray and black toe. They make for a very nice looking boot and the fact that they're so comfortable doesn't hurt either!

The interior of the boot is one point I really like, the interior is almost completely smooth so you're not going to find any points that will dig into your foot and cause blisters and hot spots. Another high point of the boot is the innersoles, these not only have large heal cups that keep your foot in place but they also have large perforations all down the sole to allow your foot to breathe on them long hikes. This is something I have not seen in a lot of boots, but it's a welcome addition as this is one of the points in a boot where I feel the most heat in the bottom of the soles!

All in all I'm very pleased with the boot not only is it great looking, but it performed as well as it looked, so I have zero complaints about these boots and would recommend them without question to anyone who wants a quality boot for hiking or just all around !

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