MAGNUM STEALTH FORCE 8.0 SZ CT WPI  ReviewFirst, I want to talk about price. I feel it makes this boot even better when you know. You can pick up a pair for under 120 bucks, which if you know anything about combat boots you know they usually run far more expensive than that!

MAGNUM STEALTH FORCE 8.0 SZ CT WPI  ReviewThe Stealth force 8.0 is without question a fantastic boot that can be used nearly all year round aside from really cold weather. This boot comes with a composite toe that gives you all the protection of steel but none of the drawback - such as weight. Steel toe boots can weight a ton and walking in them all day long can be a daunting task! But the composite material in the stealth boots is virtually weightless a big difference from other combat boots! I once worked on a job where I've seen someone get shocked when their steel-toed boots came into contact with a live wire. Not cool! Having a composite toe makes electrocution unlikely to happen and makes this boot that much safer over steel toe! These boots do not have steel grommets or any steel for contact points. I have even dropped boxes and cinderblocks on the toe of these boots and my feet were perfectly protected!

MAGNUM STEALTH FORCE 8.0 SZ CT WPI  ReviewThe MAGNUM boots have been treated with Ion Mask so I can tell you Ion Mask works very well! I've not experienced any leaking even in heavy water and rain!




MAGNUM STEALTH FORCE 8.0 SZ CT WPI  ReviewThe CAMBRELLE moisture wicking lining is an added bonus. When it comes to combat boots I've seen mine get just as wet from sweat as they would if you jumped into a river. Good moisture wicking to keep your feet feeling dry and warm is a top feature in this boot!



MAGNUM STEALTH FORCE 8.0 SZ CT WPI  ReviewOne of my favorite features in these boots is the ability to lace up the boot but still get them on and off quickly with a full length zipper down the inside of the boot. When zipped up the boot has a retaining strap to keep them from unzipping accidently. When unzipped, you see a fully waterproof, expandable side to keep water out even if the boots are worn unzipped. You'll love these boots especially when running in and out of the garage. I've shown these boots to some cable guys here in Ontario and they were hooked! Since they spend all day going into and out of people's houses they need a boot just like the MAGNUM that will keep them protected while still allowing them to get the boot on and off quickly all day long!

MAGNUM STEALTH FORCE 8.0 SZ CT WPI  ReviewThe first day or two they are a little hard on the feet, but after I broke them in they were a dream! Now that we are talking about comfort I need to point out MAGNUMS' insole. They have a three layer in sole that has memory foam which contours to your foot for added comfort and support. When it comes to combat boots 99% of the time you need to replace the insole because they suck, but the MAGNUM insoles are great and I never had to change a thing saving me $35 to $40 bucks - definitely a plus in my book! Another point to speak of which I think is phenomenal is the ankle support. Its far better with these boots than any other I have used. Not only is it very stable, but they have ample padding around the leg so you don't get that cutting into the lower calf like you do with most combat boots and this is just fantastic!

MAGNUM STEALTH FORCE 8.0 SZ CT WPI  ReviewThese boots have a feature you may not be aware of but you should! If you have ever used boots long term like I have, you know it's just a matter of time before they start to stink. I say stink because let's face it there's no other word for it! The MAGNUM boots have an antimicrobial compound that has silver ions that will fight off more bacteria the worse conditions get (I.E: hotter or wetter).


MAGNUM STEALTH FORCE 8.0 SZ CT WPI  ReviewAdditional compound is released to combat bacteria, so while you're fighting you can rest assure your MAGNUM boots are fighting for you in more ways than one!
The heel of the boot has a kick pad, which protects the boot from wear when you kick them on and off all day long.

after using the Spider 8.1 desert HPI boot I'll admit I'm a little spoiled. MAGNUM should consider some additional features for the STEALTH FORCE 8.0 SZ CT WPI: A fast rope system on the arch of the boot to protect against wear.

MAGNUM STEALTH FORCE 8.0 SZ CT WPI  ReviewA cocoon in the tongue of the boot so that you can hide your laces (this way they're not getting caught on tree branches and pulling out all the time) MAGNUM is doing far more new and innovative stuff than any other boot companies I've seen. So if you're in the market for a quality, comfortable boot, you should check out their full line!

FYI, MAGNUM is coming out with a line of Multicam boots. We'll try and review them for everyone because we all know you guys love Multicam as much as we do!!


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