MAGNUM SPIDER 8.1 Desert HPI Review

MAGNUM SPIDER 8.1 Desert HPI ReviewWhen it comes to combat boots, every company tries to do something different to bring customers. Some change treads, some change fabric, and then every once and awhile there comes a company like MAGNUM that changes everything.

MAGNUM SPIDER 8.1 Desert HPI ReviewThe Spider 8.1 desert boot is one piece of footwear that they've pulled out all the stops. MAGNUM has changed what's become the norm with combat boots by adding some of the best features I have seen in a boot.



MAGNUM SPIDER 8.1 Desert HPI ReviewThe first new feature is near the toe. If you've ever had hot spots, you tend to get most of them on the side of your toes. MAGNUM has placed their new venting system right over these areas. The vents allow heat to escape quickly and it constantly pulls cool air into the toecap and prevents you from heating up. These boots have been treated with an ion-mask process, which treats the fabric on a microscopic level, making it both very durable and waterproof.

MAGNUM SPIDER 8.1 Desert HPI ReviewI have done a number of tests on these boots. I've run the boot through still water, pressurized water (trying to make it leak even in the toe vents) and I wasn't able to get any water into the boot. I found it remarkable that these boots are as breathable as they are while being water resistant. They say with the venting system they're not waterproof, but I wasn't able to make them leak and believe me I tried. MAGNUM says they're not totally waterproof. I'd say water- resistant for sure. You be the judge.

MAGNUM SPIDER 8.1 Desert HPI ReviewThe fabric of the Spider boot is breathable and it's something that you really need in hot weather. I've seen days where I had my Canadian military combat boots on and that black leather would cook your feet. But a boot like the Spider Desert is amazing.


MAGNUM SPIDER 8.1 Desert HPI ReviewBecause this boot has been developed for law enforcement and military, they have added a feature that is vital for durability: The fast rope system. If you're not familiar with fast roping its simply repelling, using a large ropes from helicopters or buildings. You use the arches of the boots to slow and control your decent. If you're in a line of work where this is being done all the time, it can wear out a pair of boots really fast. MAGNUM has added thick, heavy duty, thermal plastic that is resistant to melting which prevents wear on the arch. If you've ever had a nylon rope pulled from your hands, you know how fast and how hot it can get. MAGNUM also added a rubberized canvas like material that will prevent wear just above the arch and prolong the life of your boot.

MAGNUM SPIDER 8.1 Desert HPI ReviewNow when you think that MAGNUM can't do any better, they're not finished yet! Along the eyelids of your laces (in my book, one of the first points that will wear on boots) they've added heavy-duty guards that are both very wear resistant and will not catch on laces.



MAGNUM SPIDER 8.1 Desert HPI ReviewIf you look at the boot from the side you will see a 'C ' shaped heavy-duty rubber, that comes up from the back of the heal and over into the front where the laces are. This feature is designed so that when the boot is fully laced up this material will pull down on the foot, holding your heal in place. This prevents sipping around like you do with many combat boots especially when they're wet.

MAGNUM SPIDER 8.1 Desert HPI ReviewAnd it doesn't stop there. On top of the tongue you will find another guard with the word MAGNUM on it. This guard has a feature that I think every boot should have and I don't have any idea why they don't. It's MAGNUMS' lace cocoon at the top of the guard. There's a small slot that you can tuck your laces into. Not only a much neater look but highly functional (keeping them concealed so you're not catching them on branches and pull them apart).

I will have to admit these boots are fantastic. I could only find one down side to the boot, the pull loop on the back of the heel. It's a great feature - don't get me wrong, but because its open all the time it's easier for something to stick through the hole and get caught, tripping you up. This can easily be fixed by adding a small piece of Velcro inside the finger loop to keep it tucked onto the boot. That would prevent anything getting into the hole while still leaving it easy to open and use to pull on your boots.

MAGNUM SPIDER 8.1 Desert HPI ReviewBottom line: if you want a boot that is highly breathable, durable, lightweight, that's packed full of features, these boots are a must. I'd recommend them to anyone who is looking for a hot weather boot or even a summer boot. They are outstanding!



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