Snugpak Sleeka Jacket Review

Snugpak Sleeka JacketNow for a jacket I have been using for couple of weeks now and well like all Snugpak products I love it. The light weight and warmth it gives makes it a great jacket for all around use. One thing I liked about

Snugpak Sleeka Jacket Reviewthis jacket that you don't find with to many jacket is the compression sack that comes with it. This sack allows you to shrink this jacket down very small for packing away for travel or storing in your pack. The sack is like all other Snugpak sacks and are very well designed to compress your gear down this is one of the things Snugpak is known for its small pack size and high quality.

Every one knows that Snugpak makes sleeping bags but not everyone knows they make clothing too. Snugpak makes a full line of clothing from jackets and pants to hats and even underwear.

Snugpak Sleeka Jacket ReviewWhen you put on this coat the first thing is that you will find its very thin and light so one would think it would be very cold and inadequate to use as a jacket. But this is not the case because of the space age fabrics that Snugpak uses allows you to have a jacket that is rated for -10 well still having it hold up to heavy use. Snugpak achieves this with heavy reinforcing on both arms and across the shoulders and back they have reinforced the jacket in the place where it is most likely to endure heavy use.

Snugpak Sleeka Jacket ReviewWhat makes this jacket so unique is not only the materials but how it made the Sleeka jacket can be reversed from back to green with pockets on both sides on the black side there is a chest pocket that acts as a inside pocket when you are wearing the jacket with the green side out and both the black and green sides have two pockets in the waist area. The Sleeka jacket is a great all around jacket but it's not waterproof. So it's great for nice days but if you're going to use it in foul weather you may want to wear a shell and use this jacket as a liner. But as most outdoor people know you should layer your clothing anyway so just about everyone would do so anyway.

Snugpak Sleeka Jacket ReviewThese jackets are a very good pick if you're looking for a light jacket but you still want to have quality. I am absolutely in love with it and would not leave home without it. A very comfortable and worm jacket for all year around!



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