EOTAC Operator Field Grade Jacket Review

EOTAC Operator Field Grade Jacket ReviewFirst off I want to say we don't always use stock photos from the companies but EOTAC has the best detailed photos of their products so that's why we have chosen to use them!

EOTAC Operator Field Grade Jacket ReviewI have had the absolute pleasure to review one of the best jackets I have ever used EOTAC field jacket .I have been using this jacket on a daily basis as my primary jacket just to get a feel for the uses and comfort of the jacket. The jacket is not designed for winter use but is ideal as an all-around jacket for summer and early fall and spring. After using the jacket for a while I have come to the conclusion that I personally love it. EOTAC has produced a field jacket that not only has all the small things that people look for in a quality field jacket but the price is very affordable compared to other jackets in the same class.



EOTAC Operator Field Grade Jacket ReviewEOTAC Operator Field Grade Jacket ReviewNow for the reasons why this jacket is so great they have gone the extra mile to make the jacket the best it can be first I'm going to start on the closures for the outside pockets. The pockets are designed with three snap closures and the flaps of the jacket pockets are large enough that they can be tucked into the pocket to have your pocket open for easy access and every pocket has drainage holes just in case you should get water in them.


EOTAC Operator Field Grade Jacket ReviewEOTAC Operator Field Grade Jacket ReviewThe snap closures that are used in this jacket are much quieter then Velcro and will hold up to hard use far better than buttons or any similar closures. When it comes to snaps they tend to make a lot of noise when they come in contact with anything hard but they have eliminated this problem by coating the buttons in a rubber like material that eliminates most of the noise. They have also installed a very nice pen holder on the left chest pocket and one with the sleeve pocket as well and two zipper pockets that would be ideal for your wallet or documents or even a radio or PDA. When it comes to closures on the pockets of the jacket that will be used in the outdoors or hunting you tend to want something that's not going to cause a lot of noise or reflect a lot of light to give you away in the woods and whether you're hunting evildoers or deer the premise is the same.

EOTAC Operator Field Grade Jacket ReviewEOTAC has taken great pains to produce an excellent jacket and one of these is the interior of every pocket. The jacket has an interior elastic retainer that will hold your gear from rattling around on the inside of the pocket. This is a must when it comes to large pockets because the main problem with big pocket is all your gear tends to fall to the bottom and then rattle around when you move these elastic retainers allow you to strap in your gear and keep it quiet and organize to prevent any aggravation when you're moving.



EOTAC Operator Field Grade Jacket ReviewThe jacket has 4 interior pockets and 6 exterior pockets as well as one sleeve pocket .The sleeve pocket is ideal for your cell phone or small MP3 player. One thing I would've liked to have seen with the small pocket on the sleeve is an interior hole that would allow you to run your headphones or cell phone earpiece through the interior of the jacket allowing you to use it without having any wires hanging on the outside of the jacket that can get caught up on thing. The interior of the jacket there are four large cargo pockets with Velcro closures. Velcro tends to make a lot of noise when it's used for pockets but because the closures are small and there easily muffled on the inside of the jacket it's not a problem.


EOTAC Operator Field Grade Jacket ReviewAnd last but not least the material of the jacket is embedded with TeflonĀ® Fabric Protector and if you're not aware of what this is you should find out it's one of the best things for clothing and gear the Teflon keeps dirt and water from absorbing into the gear and destroying it. And also make the clothing very easy to clean because the dirt will not stick to it and that's something you want in clothing you intend to get dirty!

The bottom line is EOTAC has produced a phenomenal field jacket for both military and civilian use. This jacket gives you enough storage to carry all your gadgets and gear while still looking great and I highly recommend it!

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