EOTAC Operator Grade Half-zip Sweater Shirt Review

EOTAC Operator Grade Half-zip Sweater Shirt ReviewI tend not to buy sweaters unless they are very heavy so they can be used on cool EOTAC Operator Grade Half-Zip Sweat Shirtsummer nights and fall days because I like to wear them as a jacket. That's why when I seen that EOTAC had produced a pull over sweater that had a half zipper that could be unzipped to cool down

EOTAC Operator Grade Half-zip Sweater Shirt ReviewI was very thrilled, I have been using some EOTAC products for a while now and they have been nothing but remarkable. I want to say we don't always use stock photos from the companies but EOTAC has the best detailed photos of their products so that's why we have chosen to use them!





EOTAC Operator Grade Half-zip Sweater Shirt ReviewThis sweater is quite possibly of the best sweaters I have ever owned now for some features I really like the sweater is very thick so thick in fact that you can easily use it as a jacket and that's the way I like it. It also has a very nice pocket on the sleeves that allows you to carry a pen and a small wallet or cell phone in a nice secure zipper pocket which is one of my favorite features of the products from EOTAC they put these sleeve pockets in many of their products.

The sweater comes in many colors like grey, brown, black, and green so you can find the right color for your needs. The sweater is open at the bottom with no elastic which allows it to hang like a jacket with slits up the sides that are close with Velcro so they can be easily opened to allow you to access your belt for a knives and holsters and can be opened up just to allow for better movement.

EOTAC Operator Grade Half-zip Sweater Shirt ReviewThe comfort of the sweater which is phenomenal very soft and with a cotton blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester it's the perfect balance between comfort and durability. This sweater is proven to be a very valuable piece of gear to have on hand for them cold nights here in New Brunswick.

EOTAC makes clothing that is designed to blend into the urban environment so the clothing tends to be simple and very functional which is exactly what I look for in a piece of clothing. I am not a fan clothing with large logos or fancy colors I enjoy a simple piece of clothing that is durable and made of the finest fabrics and last but not least it has to be affordable. EOTAC makes clothing that is designed for operators and people who demand the highest performance from their clothing so you can rest assured when you buy from EOTAC you get the best possible quality at an affordable price and besides that is truly what every consumer is looking for.

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