Pantac Ranger Hoodie Review

Pantac Ranger Hoodie Review

The ranger hoodie from Pantac is a heavy weight spring and fall jacket which can be worn in the summer on them cold nights and just makes a nice item to have along with you even if you're not going to wear it.

Pantac Ranger Hoodie ReviewThe design of the jacket is great in my book but I was not able to total test this one out because it was far too small to wear. On the under arm area there are two large zipper slots to allow you to vent your jacket in case you do find the weather has changes and it's too hot' I like this feature because it allows you to cool the jacket down without taking it off or opening the front because in high wind if you open your jacket you may as well take it off because it would make it useless.

When it comes to storage this jacket doesn't disappoint in that regard there is two pockets on each sleeve and on the larger of the two pockets there is a retaining D ring with elastic attachment to allow you attach a lanyard or string to flashlight or knives you would carry in them pockets to prevent them from falling out and getting lost. On the chest of the jacket there are two very large hand warming pockets which also have the D rings for lanyards along with small pockets in each for a knife or small flashlight.

On the inter liner of the jacket which is made from a very thick fleece which makes a ideal mid layer when it comes to jackets keeping the heat in but allowing for good dissipation of moisture there is two small cell phone pockets which have elastic tops here I feel the jacket should have had a zipper pocket to keep things from falling out.

Pantac Ranger Hoodie ReviewNear the bottom of the back of the jacket there is a strange pocket it's got two openings and connects threw the middle this large compartment would be ideal to put gloves or hats in when not in use or to store other garments like a scarf.

On each sleeve there is a large pocket on the elbow so that you can slide in a neoprene elbow pad and is closed by Velcro this make not only the elbows more comfortable but incases durability "one great feature". The jacket is hooded hints the name hoodie so you do have a hood that is also fleece lined and is also designed with a peek and a small flap that will hold the hood when rolled up if you don't need it.

The Jacket also has elastic corded spots around the waist and hood so you can really close it up when the weather changes or if you just don't like to wear it hanging down you can easily cinch it up like a bomber jacket.

Bottom line is i really like the jacket and I tend to carry a hooded sweat shirt almost every trip I take incase the weather changes and this would be the one I would take every time hands down but like I said this one was too small to try out in the field but if it did fit I would hands down use it every day!

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