WOOLRICH Tactical Fleece Jacket Review

WOOLRICH Tactical Fleece Jacket ReviewAlthough the WOOLRICH fleece jacket was designed to be a mid layer for the their Breathable Parka it's not a must. This fleece is easily worn as a jacket for spring, summer and fall. Designed for outdoors people, military, and law

WOOLRICH Tactical Fleece Jacket Reviewenforcement this jacket takes organizing to a whole new level. Even thought this jacket was designed to be worn as a liner, it has many pockets for all your gear. You get two chest pockets two waist pockets along with a small pocket on the left arm and even 3 slots for pens or tools.




WOOLRICH Tactical Fleece Jacket ReviewWOOLRICH Tactical Fleece Jacket ReviewIf you're like me and you find yourself carrying gear in every jacket you wear, you're going to love the retaining loops in the pockets. There are two in each waist pocket that were designed to carry two pistol mags and one larger one in each chest pocket. They also work great for multi tools, pocketknives as well as flashlights. The larger ones in the chest pockets are just the right size to hold PDAs, I Phones or Blackberries but they were designed to hold rifle mags. This jacket is so versatile it can be used in combat and then be converted to everyday use. The retention straps in the pockets are both elastic and high quality so after a few weeks they're not going to lose their ability to hold heavy tools. They are strong enough to last for years being used in this fashion and besides not having all the gear in your pockets banging around is without question a big up side.

WOOLRICH Tactical Fleece Jacket ReviewThe inter of the Fleece jacket is lined with a very slick material that allows you to slide the jacket on without any catching like you do with other kinds of fleece. They've also added ripstop trim to both the shoulders and back as well.



WOOLRICH Tactical Fleece Jacket ReviewA nice feature in military gear and law enforcement gear is jackets with side zippers. They are designed so that you can get your pistol or belt fast with large openings from the waist all the way up to the elbow. Now you don't need to carry a pistol to enjoy this feature because over the years I've found this very useful trapping and hunting. It allows you to get to the gear on your belt while still keeping the cold out. If you have ever had to get at your belt when you're wearing a big coat or jacket you know just what I'm talking about. Being able to unzip both the liner and jacket around the tools your working with is truly an asset.

IWOOLRICH Tactical Fleece Jacket Review have always like modular gear, nearly everything I carry is this way and for good reason. One: when it comes to clothing it's easy to take on and off depending on the temperature. This easily allows you to mix and match your gear to the weather. Two: it's cheaper to buy a modular system then to buy four or five coats to do the same job. In my book any time you can get great gear and save some money it's a no brainer!





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