WOOLRICH Waterproof Breathable Parka Review

WOOLRICH Waterproof Breathable Parka ReviewThe Woolrich Parka is designed to be a tactical shell similar to the US army's ECWCS, which stands for Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System. This shell is designed to be used all year round in combination with Woolrich's Polyester Fleece Jacket and Elite Waterproof Breathable Pant.

WOOLRICH Waterproof Breathable Parka ReviewThis combination provides you with many options for wear. The jacket can be used in stormy weather all year around but in colder climates you will have to layer and use the items mentioned above.







WOOLRICH Waterproof Breathable Parka ReviewThe Jacket is made up of a durable ripstop nylon shell with a waterproof and very breathable membrane. This provides you with both protection from the elements and what I feel is most important, breathability. You many think breathability is not that big of a deal, but I can tell you from experience, you could have the best jacket in the world but if you don't have breathability and effective layering it means nothing. If your jacket doesn't allow for good ventilation, all that sweat and moisture builds up and make you just as wet as if you fell in the water when you're engaged in heavy activity.



WOOLRICH Waterproof Breathable Parka ReviewThe big thing that struck me when I first used the coat was how light it is. This shell is not going to weigh you down in any way and feels much lighter than any Gore-Tex or eVent jackets I've used. I've always been concerned with ripstop material because if it's not made right it means nothing. When you really take a look at this Woolrich jacket you'll see that it has been painstakingly designed - every stress point has been heavy stitched to protect against tearing and damage. This is one of the reasons I like tactical gear; it's made to be used hard, and since I'm often very hard on my everyday gear it's something I truly need and look for in clothing. One of the things I have to mention is that this jacket is also priced right! You can pick up this coat for around $150 and I can tell you from experience working in retail for many years there are VERY few jackets in this price range that will give you all this jacket has to offer!

WOOLRICH Waterproof Breathable Parka ReviewThe features of this coat are vast. Let's start with the first two front-facing patch pockets. These pockets are Velcro, with added Velcro on each side of the pocket seam, to hold the pocket snug or to allow it to expand for bulky items. The inside of the pocket has three elastic loops that are designed to securely hold your pistol mags, flashlights or pocket knives. The flaps can be secured down inside the pocket so that you can access these tools without having to bother opening and closing each time or with the flap getting in the way! This also makes it easier to access pistol mags in a hurry. Behind the patch pockets you'll find fleece-lined hand warming pockets which are nice because nylon can get cold to the touch in chillier climates. On the chest you will find 4 pockets: two side pockets for warming your hands and two horizontal pockets that house removable ID tabs that can be used to hide identification patches. This coat has a large one of these pockets on the back as well. These ID pockets are just that - pockets that can be used with the ID tabs in or out depending on your preference. All you do is pull them from the Velcro and you're free of them and they can be reattached any time.

WOOLRICH Waterproof Breathable Parka ReviewSomething I really find useful in the woods is the full zipper that runs from the elbow all the way down the jacket to the waist. This is a two way zipper so if you need added ventilation you can unzip the arm pit or if you need access to your belt tools, you can just unzip the side so that it exposes your belt or pistol. I love this feature and this is one of the reasons I use tactical gear when you're wearing a jacket that goes down below the waist having this feature makes it much easier to access tools and gear on your belt when you're on your knees setting traps and it even allows you to unzip the side of the coat for added movement as well.

WOOLRICH Waterproof Breathable Parka ReviewOn each sleeve you will find a pocket that is just the right size for a small note pad. On the left sleeve you also have holders for two pens so you always have quick access to writing tools. On the inside of the coat there are no chest pockets but you do have two patch-like pockets - one on each side directly behind the exterior patch packets. This is where you will find the waist cinching cord hidden so you're not getting it caught on everything like I have done so many times with other jackets in the past. Near the main zipper in the chest area you will find two more pockets (almost hidden) that run horizontal to the main zipper that you can use for wallet and other items you want to keep safe. Lastly you have your hood. which is a standard hood that can be removed all together or rolled up into the collar of the jacket for safe keeping.

My final thoughts were that this jacket was far more durable than I thought it would be for the weight. When I first put it on with the fleece it was surprisingly warm. The only down side I could find was the jacket's fabric is a little loud in cold weather, but aside from that the jacket was fantastic and at the $150 price range, the ability to add the fleece and matching pants to the jacket it makes a very affordable modular system and you all know how much I like that!

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