WOOLRICH Elite Series Pant Review

WOOLRICH Elite Series Pant ReviewI've been using these pants for a few weeks now. The black pants pick up everything but money. At least until you washed them a couple of times, then they pick up a lot less. For a guy that is used to BDUs and khaki pants I noticed a big difference in weight. The WOOLRICH pants are twice as heavy and far more durable than khaki pants. Woolrich Tactical pants look just like khakis. They look similar but when you try them out you really appreciate the quality and the higher weighted fabric.

WOOLRICH Elite Series Pant ReviewEven though Khaki pants are comfortable, they're not that durable. Khakis will wear out in no time with heavy use like carrying rifle mags and tools all day. That's why you want to go with higher quality ones like the WOOLRICH pants.






WOOLRICH Elite Series Pant ReviewThere are 4 pockets, two on each leg that are ideal for carrying cell phones and can even fit something as large as a AR15 30 round mag. Below these pockets there's a second larger pocket that is for carrying large tools and fits 2 AR15 mags as well, or other items that one would carry in a BDU pocket like multi tools and folding knives.


WOOLRICH Elite Series Pant ReviewI would of like to see doubling in the crotch of the pant, like they have done for the knees, which is a standard on all BDUs. This is a minor detail and doesn't take away from the pants at all but would be a nice added feature. Another nice feature is that the pant waist has elastic.



WOOLRICH Elite Series Pant ReviewThis allows you to have greater movement that isn't found on most BDUs. The elastic waist doesn't have a lot of give but it's far better than BDUs that have no give. To chinch up a BDU, you need to use the pull-tabs on the back of the pants. This can ball up the fabric on the back of the pants making them uncomfortable especially when wearing a belt or riding in vehicles for long periods.

WOOLRICH Elite Series Pant ReviewI really like the design of the WOOLRICH pants because they have not two but four pockets on the back. WOOLRICH has made two pockets on each of the backs of the pant leg. One smaller pocket that's Velcro closed for your wallet and another larger pocket for carrying tools, knives and pistols. This gives you the best of both worlds having a large pocket for gear, while still having a place for your wallet so it's not falling out every time you try to get something from your back pocket. This also keeps the wallet from twisting sideways like they do with large pockets making it uncomfortable when sitting and a real pain when trying to get to your wallet.

Two buttons secure the zipper on the ELITE Pant, one on the waist and another behind the zipper. If you should break one your pants they are still going to staying up and this has happened many times in the woods while wearing Khakis. WOOLRICH has also added heavy ticking around the stress points. This gives you lots of strength but eliminates the need for brass rivets and other steel type rivets that could bang and catch when wearing gear.

The best part especially if you're an odd size leg guy like me, theses pants can be hemmed easily, unlike BDUs that you need to buy them in your size or else you're screwed!

I've been very happy with the WOOLRICH Elite Pant and I can see many more pairs in my future because not only are they much improved over BDUs and they're comfortable. When you're wearing pants like these for days sometimes, they need to be comfortable or you won't be!

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