LensPen Products Review

LensPen Products ReviewRecently on a trip to the back woods I found out why it's always best to have LensPens on you at all times.I was out taking photos for a review – it was windy and no matter what I did, dirt kept flying

onto my lenses. I had the LensPen Hunter Pro kit with me just in case and found myself using it all day long. The Hunter Pro kit was just what I needed to keep that dust and dirt off my lens so that I could get the perfect shot!

LensPen Products ReviewNow some may say why not just blow it off... well I tried that and many times when you do that small droplets will fly out of your mouth and will land on the lens making cleaning that much harder. And don't even think of doing it with your hands! You never think about it until you're working with cameras but your hands are full of dirt and oil, and trying to brush anything off a lens is nearly impossible and often only makes it worse.

LensPen Products ReviewI've been using a couple of products from LensPen along with the Hunter pro – the DSLR pro kit and SensorKlear Loupe kit. I've had tremendous experiences with these products and they have been a huge help when it comes to cleaning and maintaining my Photo kit.



LensPen Products ReviewSensPens are famous for their pens, of course, but what makes the pens so great is you have an all in one cleaning kit. On one end you have a retractable soft brush and on the other end underneath the cap is a suction cup sized cleaning tip that has been lased with a carbon solution. This carbon solution and tip is the basis for many of the LensPen products and is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're using it for binoculars or DSLRs or even rifle scopes they can clean it all!

LensPen Products ReviewWhat happens when using the pens is the carbon dries up any dust or oil or even water from the lens, which allows you to remove it with the cloth very easily and these microfiber cloths come with every kit. You can find LensPens in many kits and many variations, but I do like the Hunter Pro kit because you get 2 LensPens, two cloths and it all comes in a convenient little pouch that can be attached to your belt or camera bag, which makes traveling and getting to it much easier.

Now for the kit I use at home for cleaning my camera - the SensorKlear Loupe kit - if you ever had to clean your camera sensor you know it's a pain and being able to see in the camera while you're cleaning is an even bigger pain. That's what makes this kit so great! You get a larger pack of batteries, a blower, cleaning pen, lens adaptor and a pouch for it all. This lens adaptor is the best part, it hooks up to the socket where your lens would go and has a built in light so you can see what you're doing and a slot so you can insert the cleaning brush.

The magnification is even adjustable so that you can get up close to make sure your camera is clean. Now I'm not going to say you can't clean your camera without this kit, because you can. But you can spend a lot of time and end up doing it poorly or you can use this kit and spend a little time doing it right! I prefer to get it done fast with the kit so I can get back out shooting!

This is one of those products you never would think you need, but I can tell you if you're going to be using DSLRs everyone should pickup one up! The SensorKlear Loupe kit and LensPen kits for your bag are must have items and they are just like their motto says "A Necessity, Not An Accessory"!

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