SKS AirChecker Pressure Gauge Review

SKS AirChecker Pressure Gauge ReviewI don't use pressure gauges that often, but I do find them very useful when traveling and needing to customize my tires' air pressure for trails and city driving. I've recently been trying out two gauges, one from Filzer and this one, the SKS Airchecker.

SKS AirChecker Pressure Gauge ReviewI have come to the quick conclusion that the SKS model is by far the better product. Why you ask? Well just on weight alone, the SKS Airchecker is only 60 grams and in the hand is virtual weightless compared to the Filzer. You also get a small carrying bag with the gauge, which I didn't think I would really use. But I've found it great for keeping dirt and other gear from scraping and scratching the screen of the gauge.

SKS AirChecker Pressure Gauge ReviewThe next big thing is it's digital, so if you have difficulty reading small gauge markings you can plainly see the readout which is not only large and plain, but it's backlit by a bright orange light that is easy to read in either day or night. This is something to think about not just for night but in bright daylight it can be hard to read digital gauges, so the light-up display is both greatly needed and welcomed!

SKS AirChecker Pressure Gauge ReviewIf you're wondering how the functionality of the Airchecker compares to analog models, it's every bit as fast and without the weight and size to carry around. I just want to add, the looks of the SKS Airchecker is great and it looks far more expensive than it is!

The head of the Airchecker is dual, so it can be used on the spot for either Schraeder or Presta and is also moveable so you can angle it just right to get the reading. The head also comes with a small orange button on the side that will allow you to deflate your tires very quickly if the need should arise, such as shipping on a plane for travel.

The SKS Airchecker has several other features that I prefer over other models, like its unreal light weight, the fact that it has only one button which turns on\off and switches from bars to PSI and it has an auto off so after you use it you just put it away - no need to worry if it's on and wearing down the battery. This brings me to the only down side - it does take a battery but because it turns off automatically and you only use it once in a while, the battery should last a very long time if not for the life of the tool.

Now for the price, this item does cost more than analog models, but the cost is around 10 to 15 bucks more and for more price, I would happily pay it to have a gauge that is light and that I can take anywhere without adding weight to my kit and for a competitor or racer it's the only one to buy!

A little update about this Airchecker, I recently washed it accidently with my bike shorts (it was in the pocket), andI thought for sure it was toast! But after taking the back off it and letting it dry the Airchecker was as good as new! This really surprised me, as I've seen cell phones that cost hundreds of dollars go through the wash and had to be thrown away, so it's a real testimony to how well this product is made and works!

P.S. I took the photos after the wash so you can see that remarkably there is no damage!

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