EMMRODs Fishing Rods Review

EMMRODs Fishing Rods ReviewAs a person who has fished every year since I was six I don't have to tell you I have gone through many rods over the years. I have ice fished fly fished and spin fished but the problem I've had with 90% of the places I like to fish is that they are far back

in the woods and tend to be very hard to fish with over grown trees in the way and they are small streams and rivers. And for this reason I have gone through so many rods over the years because of catching them on trees dropping them on rocks you name it I've done it. I have used everything from the cheap 20 dollars rods you find at Canadian tire to the very best handmade bamboo fly rods and graphite. But all have broken one time or another on me. Now I have found a rod that will do it all fly fishing spin fishing and even you can use it ice fishing the EMMRODs are one hell of a rod allowing you to change out the rod end to accommodate whatever fishing your doing at the time even fly fishing.

EMMRODs Fishing Rods ReviewWhat makes these rods so great are there size there not much bigger them a rod you would use for ice fishing but because of their design they can do nearly if not the same work as a full size rods. "I know what you thinking" how can a small rod do the same job as a full size one? Well it's because of the way the rods are made. fishing rods when casting store up power in the long rod allowing you to fire the bat far off shore with very little effort and the longer they are the more power you can store up in the rod but EMMRODs achieve this with their spring like design giving you a much shorter rod but retaining all of the power through this spring.

EMMRODs Fishing Rods ReviewI will admit it takes a little getting used to but the rod is every bit as good as a full size rod without have to pack a large rod threw the woods getting it caught on trees and almost guaranteeing it gets broken before you even get to where you're going. I can't tell you how many times I have packed a rod way back into the woods only to find when I got there the tip was broken off and I'm sure I'm not the only one. But with EMMRODs this is very hard to do even if not impossible the rod is made from a very strong solid stainless steel rod which I can say you will not break I have dropped them hit them on rocks and not a mark! Having a rod that you can take anywhere and one that can take a ton of hard use is a huge advantage for me and the fact that there so small and you can interchange them to the conditions you are fishing is fantastic!

EMMRODs Fishing Rods ReviewThe rod comes with all brass fittings and the rods can be interchanged just by pushing the end in and down with a half turn and its locked into place and going nowhere! This design is great ensuring that the rod end doesn't come flying out when you're casting like other rods do. I have used every kind of rod on the market from the 5 to 6 piece rods two piece and even the telescoping rods and none are as good as the EMMROD for backpacking and durability. Now the price of the rod can run you up there but there price is very reasonable when you factor in what your get for the price your getting three rods for the price of one and the peace of mind that it will not fail you and fall apart

Now they do weight a little more than a full size rod but for a little more weight you're getting the insurance that you will never have to worry about the rod breaking and the knowledge of knowing when you get to the fishing spot your rod will still be intact and ready to use. I have no problem with saying that the EMMRODs are a great buy compact, very durable and easy to use and let's not forget having a small rod that can get into them hard to reach places full of trees and branches and still have the power of the full size rod is pretty much the holy grail of brook fishing for people like me so if you're tired of going through rods all the time like I was you should take a real hard look at their rods you will not be disappointed!