Aquamira Frontier Filter Review

Aquamira Frontier Filter ReviewWhen I first seen filters like this they were in army survival kits and when I seen this one for sale on the market I knew it would be a huge seller among the survival and emergency preparedness community.

Aquamira Frontier Filter ReviewThis as far as I am concerned is the best light weight filter for you survival needs. If you're like me and your survival kit is both used for camping and survival well you may want a larger one then this.



Aquamira Frontier Filter ReviewBut where this one shines is with the small bug out bag type kits were you want to carry all they gear you can but weight is a issue. This product weights almost nothing and can be used to drink water from brooks, lakes, puddles, and just about any ware you can find it.



Aquamira Frontier Filter ReviewThis little filter will amazingly filter up to 20 gals depending on the water clarity and only takes up the space of a large marker. When you're making up a kit and looking for the lightest and most compact solution for filtering water this bad boy is ideal and is what I carry in my quick response/ bug out bag.



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